Deena Cortese's Husband Chris Reacts to Angelina Feud and Chances of Reconciliation (Exclusive)

Chris shares his take on the Angelina drama, while giving the boys haircuts in quarantine.

Pauly D believes the boys have a “really tall task” ahead of them as far as a truce between Deena Nicole Cortese and Angelina Pivarnick is concerned — especially after speaking with Deena’s husband, Chris Buckner.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Thursday’s new episode of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation,” Buckner shared his take on the situation as he gave all of the guys haircuts during their lockdown at a Las Vegas resort.

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“When I went to college I was cutting hair for beer money,” Buckner explained. “No pressure, just cutting hair for four guys who are super particular about their hair. My 9-5, construction worker, I’m not a barber. This can either go really, really good or terribly wrong.”

Thankfully, all went well — even though Vinny Guadagnino was particularly concerned about his fade. After all their cuts, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino opened up to Chris about their dinner with Deena the previous night, where she said she wasn’t shutting the door on a reconciliation with Pivarnick — but wasn’t in a rush to have it happen either.

“We had a good dinner with Deeners last night and Deeners said she’s willing to eventually, in the future, willing to sit down with Angeliners,” said Mike, believing it was a “huge step” for Deena.

He wondered whether Deena was so upset about the situation because “there was some substance” to her relationship with Deena — something Chris confirmed.

“That’s why when Angelina thought that Deena would sabotage her wedding, Deena was like, ‘What the f—, we had a friendship building,'” he said.

When Mike asked whether Chris thought there was “hope for the future,” he told them, “Possibly, probably. I don’t know anytime soon or in her pregnancy.” That wasn’t quite what Pauly wanted to hear, as he added in a confessional, “I’m starting to get really worried right now, getting Deena to actually sit down with Angelina, this is going to be a really tall task.”

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“Jersey Shore Family Vacation” and “Revenge Prank” air back to back Thursday on MTV, starting at 8pm.

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