Deadpool Fortnite skin release date: How to get Deadpool through challenges

Deadpool is in Fortnite … kind of.

If you’ve been playing any of Chapter 2 Season 2, you know Deadpool has been a mainstay in Fortnite. He was featured in the Season 2 trailer, he has a not-so-secret lair and he’s required weekly challenges. And although it looked like you’d be able to get a Deadpool skin, Epic Games has not officially sent a release date for players.

However if you have a good eye, you may have noticed something in Deadpool’s lair.

(Epic Games)

Deadpool calendar”>

Yes, there is an official Deadpool calendar with a date circled. Context clues tell us we can expect the Deadpool skin to come out on that day. The only problem is the calendar doesn’t have actual dates on it. We don’t even get the month that the calendar is in. But again, context clues can lead us to what day is circled.

Deadpool skin release date

Based on the calendar in Deadpool’s lair, we can expect the skin to release on April 3rd.

All you have to do is count down the days that are circled (the above image is older). The days lead us to the first Friday in April, which makes complete sense. We’ve had new challenges come out every Friday, so now we just have one more week to go. 

But as you probably know, this skin won’t be available through the item shop. Instead, you need to complete all of the weekly challenges.

Deadpool Fortnite challenges

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7


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