Chipotle Is Quietly Testing Out Mini Churros in Select Locations

Chipotle has been quietly rolling out a new dessert option on its menu in select locations nationwide.

Recently, Chipotle was spotted testing out mini churros dusted in the quintessential cinnamon sugar in its Irvine location. Foodbeast has noted that since the locations are close in proximity to Chipotle’s headquarters in Newport Beach, it might be a sign that it is beginning to bring churros to Chipotle’s mass nationwide market.

Currently, the churros are only available to order via the Chipotle app and come in packages of three. The dessert option is reportedly 100% vegan. The cinnamon coating highlights the dessert as Chipotle boasts its use of a blended Indonesian and Vietnamese cinnamon to bring out a more aromatic garnish.

Chipotle has not yet announced where they will be rolling out the churros next, but so far they are seen around Orange County.

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