Brit released by Taliban had best adventure watching Barbie with best mates

A British "danger tourist" who was finally released after eight months with the Taliban described his "best adventure yet" with his new "best mates."

Miles Routledge, a former uni student from Birmingham, styled himself as an explorer and journalist and set off to visit locations in turmoil like Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Pakistan and several visits to Afghanistan.

He was one of three Brits captured by the Taliban, despite having previously boasted of being pals with the group. After a period of silence on social media, he wrote on X (formerly Twitter) today: "8 months in Taliban Intelligence 'custody,' best adventure I’ve had yet! All the previous tweets are true.

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"Best mates with many top commanders after numerous picnics, lovely lads treated me as a guest! I will be returning to Kabul next month."

The post attracted thousands of comments from people keen to hear about his time in custody to which Miles replied: "Really outdid myself. Why did some of you think I was dead? Why did anyone worry in the slightest? No faith in me! I have pull. Literally was watching the new Barbie movie with the Taliban and saw some of your comments on their phones, all of us snickering. Hehe."

Routledge, via a friend, had previously claimed that he was "living in luxury" and even had his own "servant" and an Xbox.

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It was reported that his latest trip to Afghanistan was to open a gold mine in 'Ghanzi' – presumably the city of Ghazni and was in the process of writing a book titled: 'Lord Miles' holiday in Taliban prison'.

In the thread on X, he wrote: "I’ve been promised that all business docs will be setup for me as a gift when I return to Afghan (Thankyou commander and GDI!) I will also receive a letter of immunity meaning I cannot be stopped at checkpoints and searched. Added bonus: it’s a weapons license.

"More info later, fun story! Just got to consider if I should pop down to Israel vs Palestine (obviously want to) 2nd book almost finished, YouTube video under works, gold mine coming together. Many pics. I will respond to every single one of you when I can, love u all :)."

Routledge sprang to prominence when he had to be evacuated from Afghanistan when Kabul fell to the Taliban two years ago.

He began calling himself a journalist hell bent on finding the truth, but doesn't appear to have any qualifications in the field.

The former physics student, who often shared right wing and misogynistic views online and whose book was released by a notorious right wing publisher, garned traction on Twitter (now X) and YouTube, and his follwers sometimes paid subscriptions on Patreon to fund his trips.

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