Body positivity model fuming after diet companies steal her photos for ads

An influencer who shares body positive snaps of herself has slammed diet and skincare brands for stealing her images for use in their social media advertising.

Danae Mercer, 33, who lives in Dubai, has 2million Instagram followers who love her realistic approach to modelling.

On the stunning influencer’s page, she explains how lighting, outfits and posing can make her body look drastically different.

Danae demonstrates how these small changes can make her look taller and slimmer, more muscular and reduce the look of cellulite.

However, the model and journalist recently took to her Instagram page in anger to share a series of adverts which were using her images without permission.

Danae said that she comes across the issue “every week”.

One such advert claimed that Danae had used their diet pills to lose 22lbs.

Another said that its cream had eradicated her cellulite while another made a fake Trustpilot review with her pictures.

Danae told the Daily Mail: “Basically this has been happening to me for over six months. The most recent was this week – an Italian company was using one of my images to promote their anti-cellulite wand.

“They boosted the ad on Facebook, so a lot of my Italian followers (they promoted it to Italy) were messaging me about it.

“As a woman who talks so much about self love and body confidence, it's incredibly frustrating that this keeps happening.”

Danae added: “I don't know the solution. A few copyright lawyers have said I can take action, but often even finding out who is behind these companies feels impossible.”

Sharing her annoyance on Instagram, Danae wrote: “Brands steal images all the time to sell diet products – so please, please be careful.

“Dozens of you have sent me this first pic here. It's yet another company stealing my pic, slapping their logo on it, and swearing that their product changed my body.

“This company has promoted the post on Facebook. So if you're Italian and you've Googled 'body image' recently, it's probably popped up. And the thing is, something like this happens every. darn. week. to me and my pics.

“Whether it's a keto burn-fat-fast pill claiming their detox dropped me 10kg in one week, or just some dodgy 'body company' using my pics to sell their guides, the scams just keep coming."

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She continued: “I’m doing what I can (reporting, blocking, appealing). But I really, really want to remind you something critical: so much of what we see on the internet is fake. Especially when it comes to diets. Weight loss. Or anything tied to body shame.

“If a product seems too good to be true, it probably is. If it claims that you'll lose weight instantly or stretch marks will poof, be cautious.

“And if it has a bunch of women rubbing their tum tums saying their lotion fixed 'saggy skin', challenge it. The diet and weight loss industry is worth billions.

“These brands are cashing in”.

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