Blogger shares reality check on Instagram in two snaps taken seconds apart

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An influencer has been praised for giving fans a "reality check" on Instagram.

The star, known as Eat With Bee, has a following of 12,900 fans on the social media site where she shares her fitness growth.

She uses the online platform to post details of her weight gain progress, as well as inspire followers.

Now in one of her latest uploads, the fitness guru wrote: "Monday Reality Check.

"Not saying you have to love all versions of yourself, but learning to accept them is the first step.

"Be unconditionally YOU, whatever angle. However high your trousers cover your stomach."

She concluded: "However you 'think' you look. Be you."

In the photo, she shared two images taken seconds apart as it shows 1% of the time versus 99% of the time.

The picture on the left shows her flexing slightly with her trousers above her stomach.

While the other on the right shows the influencer grinning like a Cheshire Cat as she put her body on display.

Eat With Bee's message is basically to love yourself no matter what – and fans adored it.

The post racked up almost 2,000 likes with hundreds of comments, as one wrote: "Thank you for this."

Another said: "We love you just the way you are."

A third commented: "We're going to appreciate our bodies at all times," as a fourth wrote: "Gorgeous and worthy in BOTH."

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The Instagram star uses her platform to share her nutrition and workout tips as fans can sign up on her website.

Her bio reads: "I help you grow physically & mentally to be the happiest & best version of yourself while counting memories not calories!"

Currently she's sharing fans with her weight gain progress.

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