Bindi Irwin Shares the Sweetest ‘Unbirthday’ Tradition With Daughter Grace & the Video Is Giving Us All the Feels

The Australia Zoo is a magical place, especially considering the Irwins’ special Alice in Wonderland-like tradition. Bindi Irwin let fans in on their special “unbirthday” celebration for her 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter Grace, and it might just be the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

Irwin shared a video on Instagram of her daughter walking though the Australia Zoo dressed up in a sweet animal-print sundress. Later, it cuts to Irwin at a gift shop with her husband Chandler Powell. “Grace, you can choose anything you want!” Irwin tells her daughter, as she walks around holding a stuffed giraffe and a stuffed elephant.

“So Grace is 2-and-a-half today, which means that we celebrate our unbirthday,” the Crikey! It’s The Irwins star explained in the video, as she shows more stuffed animals to Grace. “So we let her choose anything she wants in the Australia Zoo elephant shop to celebrate.” How adorable is that? With tigers, rhinos, zebras, and more to choose from, it’s a tough choice for a toddler!

As she runs through the shop with a stuffed elephant clasped firmly in her grasp, she says she wants a giraffe, too. Irwin looks at the camera with a smile, “It’s very cute!” she says. Even she can’t get over how adorable her daughter is, which is making us smile. The entire thing is just so wholesome!

After she chooses her two toys, she walks around saying, “Hi giraffe, hi elephant.” She’s in love with her little animals, and it’s so precious!

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Later, she points out a stuffed “ring-tailed lemur” to her mama, showing off her impressive zoo knowledge.

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