‘Best thing invented’: Cookie Time releases colab of Kiwi classics – the Lolly Cake cookie

It’s a Kiwi bakery classic, and now you’ll be able to get it in cookie form!

Food giants Cookie Time have announced they are releasing a limited-edition flavour that’s close to New Zealanders’ hearts – the “Lolly Cake Cookie”.

In a leak on social media, the Canterbury cookie company set to release the Kiwiana-styled cookie to supermarkets and stores next week on August 2.

One convenient store let slip the news early, writing: “COMING SOON to a Night ‘n Day near you. Our mates at Cookie Time have truly outdone themselves!”

The post was accompanied by an image of the Cookie Time Lolly Cake.

Different coloured lollies can be seen inside what looks to be a regular chocolate chip cookie without the chocolate.

Kiwis were quick to show their excitement for the bakery colab, with one writing: “two of the best things ever invented” in one perfect bite.

Another added: “The thing I miss most about not living in NZ anymore is missing out on things like this.”

It appears Night ‘n Day are already selling the product a week early from Cooke Time’s official release date, with some customers revealing they have already seen them in stores.

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