Avery Singer Spotted With Booth at BravoCon After Mom Ramona Gets Axed From Convention

Avery Singer's appearance at BravoCon comes amid news that her mother, Ramona, will no longer be attending the convention following allegations she made racist comments during her time on the network.

Ramona Singer may not be at BravoCon but the Singer family is still representing!

TooFab spotted Ramona’s daughter, Avery, 25, at the annual convention, which this year, is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, manning her own booth for her boutique bachelor and bachelorette party planner business, BachBoss.

Sat with her friend and business partner, Jolie, Avery was seen speaking to Bravo fans, selling merch and spreading the word about the burgeoning business.

Avery’s BravoCon appearance comes just as her mom, Ramona, was axed from the convention. Set to attend as part of the Real Housewives of New York City “Legacy” crew, Ramona was disinvited following a scathing probe into the franchise that claimed the RHONY alum made racist remarks and fought back against diversifying the franchise.

The exposé, released by Vanity Fair earlier this week, alleged that Ramona used the N-word and exclaimed having Black cast members would “ruin our show.”

Fellow RHONY alum, Eboni K. Williams, and a Black producer from the show detailed some of the allegations about Ramona in the probe, recounting several allegedly race-fueled incidents with Ramona.

Williams, who joined the show in 2021 and became its first Black cast member in the process, recounted a seminar Bravo allegedly held to touch on a number of topics — many race related — before filming officially began. During the sessions, said Williams, Ramona expressed confusion over why she should avoid saying anything which would include racist tropes, like one saying Black fathers are MIA for their kids.

“What if they don’t have a father? Why can’t I say that? Most of them don’t,” Williams said Ramona asked, before Ramona also allegedly said she read a study confirming her thoughts. Leah McSweeney confirmed Eboni’s account with the publication, while Ramona told Vanity Fair she recalled the training being an “open dialogue” and so, “in that spirit, I asked a question about a statistic I had read about single-parent households, where children with single-parent households were statistically less likely to succeed than two-parent households.”

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Another incident allegedly happened after Eboni accused Luann De Lesseps and Ramona of showing serious “white fragility” during an argument which aired on the show. Race allegedly continued to be a factor following the tense exchange off-camera, with one VF source claiming Ramona “slammed her hands on the table” and exclaimed, “This is why we didn’t need Black people on the show. This is gonna ruin our show.”

Ramona, meanwhile, said that “absolutely” didn’t happen, telling the outlet she “supported adding diverse cast members well before” Williams joined the show.

A Black senior producer for the show, Darian Edmondson, also claimed that following a filmed conversation between Ramona and Eboni, Ramona told Edmondson it reminded her of Jewish colleagues referring to her as “shiksa,” which she called a “Catholic slur.” When Edmondson said she didn’t know the term, she alleges Ramona reacted by saying, “Oh, it’s literally like somebody calling you n—-r.”

Ramona called that a “misrepresentation” of the conversation, denying she ever said the N-word or that she compared the two experiences.

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Bravo, meanwhile, has yet to address the allegations, with exec, Andy Cohen, seemingly laughing off the report on social media.

Cohen reacted to a post shared by Bravo fan account, Watch What Crappens, that poked fun at Bravo viewers wading through the flood of allegations, by simply leaving a crying with laughter emoji in the comments.

Based on his reaction, it seems unlikely the claims will be addressed at this weekend’s convention.

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