Apple faces court after parents claim AirPods damaged sons hearing with alert

Two parents from Texas have filed a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that their son's hearing was seriously damaged by an 'Amber Alert' notification blasted out at full volume through his Apple AirPods.

According to Law360, the complaint was filed on Monday in California by the boy's parents, Carlos Gordoa and Ariani Reyes, alleging that the alert noise from the AirPods 'tore apart' their son's eardrum and damaged his cochlea.

The boy, who is only identified as B.G. in the legal complaint, was reportedly watching a Netflix film on his iPhone connected to a pair of AirPods Pro on low volume.

Suddenly, an Amber Alert (notifications sent to all phones to help with possible child abductions) was sent to his device and blasted the boy at full volume.

According to the lawsuit, the boy has since suffered major hearing loss, dizziness, nausea, vertigo, and tinnitus and must wear hearing aids.

The boy's mother, Ariani, said: "He is an athlete. He's a soccer player and at the time he was performing very well in his soccer journey and that impacted him in a negative way."

She added: "We are very sad, frustrated. Also we are a little bit angry because he was just a regular health athletic boy and his life has changed."

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The parents are now claiming that Apple knew their earbuds didn't broadcast Amber Alerts or any sudden loud noise safely, and wants the tech giant to pay for the boy's medical bills as well as damages for physical and mental suffering.

The family's lawyer Tej Paranjpe said: "This boy's life has been severely altered because Apple did not provide a warning about the volume levels of its AirPods, leading to his permanent hearing loss.

"Had Apple designed the AirPods to self-adjust to safe levels or provided warnings about the volume increases associated with alerts, this boy would be living a normal life."

Apple has not commented on the court complaint publicly.

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