Apple AirPods: Are AirPod Pros waterproof?

The latest version Apple AirPods were released in early 2019. Some industry insiders were anticipating Apple to bring out a brand-new version of its earbuds that would be waterproof but some owners are confused as to whether this is the case. explains everything you need to know.

Are AirPod Pros waterproof?

No, Apple AirPods are not waterproof, meaning users of the cutting-edge tech should never allow them in contact with water.

This means they should never even encounter moisture, such as rain.

Although AirPods Pro are designed to be water resistant, they do not remain that way forever.

However, even despite your best efforts, it is sometimes impossible to avoid getting Apple AirPods wet.

So should the inevitable occur, we reveal some tips for drying AirPods off safely.

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What is the difference between waterproof and water resistant?

A device is technically waterproof when it is impossible for water to enter and cause damage.

This definition holds true when this is the case regardless of how long that device is wet.

This means none of Apple’s AirPods are actually waterproof.

A water-resistant device is conversely only able to prevent water from getting entering for a limited time.

Experts can accurately measure water resistance using the IP rating system.

Standard AirPods were not designed to be water-resistant at all.

However, the 2019 AirPods Pro have been given a water resistance rating of IPX4.

This is a low water resistance rating, meaning Apple only designed them to withstand small splashes of water, such as light rain and sweat.

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Unfortunately, water-resistant seals are known to significantly degrade over time.

As a result, Apple AirPods Pro get less water-resistant as they age.

There is no safe method to learn whether a water-resistant seal still works.

Consequently, the older such water-resistant devices such as Apple AirPods get, the more you should look after them.

How to dry Apple AirPods:

Both standard Apple AirPods or water-resistant AirPods Pro need to be carefully dried if they get wet.

Owners should also ensure AirPods are dried before they are returned to the charging case, to prevent damage to the case.

Wet AirPods need to have any excess water immediately wiped off with a dry, lint-free cloth.

Many experts suggest using a microfibre cloth, although a cotton swab can also be used to dry the small ports.

The Apple AirPods should next be left out in the open for a minimum of two hours to let them air dry.

The AirPods should not be used during this period if possible.

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