Anti-ageing haircut for a really youthful look

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Global hairstylist Nicky Lazou discussed how to look younger by changing up your hair with She explained some of the best cuts to turn back the clock.

What is the best hair cut for women to make them look younger?

Nicky said: “I think this depends on what you think is making you look older. For example, some women may feel they prefer a longer cut to draw attention away from any signs of ageing around the neck, whereas others may find longer hair ages them.

“The general rule of thumb is short to mid-length haircuts can help you look younger.”

This is true for a number of reasons, largely because hair can often thin as we grow older. Shorter hair gives the look of thicker locks and can boost a person’s perceived age. 

The stylist pointed to one famous matriarch as an example of a great anti-ageing, the mother of the Kardashian sisters, Kris. The mum of six, who is 66 years old, wears her hair in a dark pixie cut. 

She explained: “Kris Jenner is a great example of this with her trademark pixie cut. It’s a simple, low-maintenance cut that requires very little day-to-day fuss in terms of styling. It also works for all kinds of face shapes.”

For those who prefer slightly longer hair, Nicky advised: “A curled bob cut with layers is also a really youthful look, rather than a blunt bob, as the layers help give a softer, flowing look.”

Nicky also detailed the “biggest mistakes” to avoid when it comes to your hair ageing you. She strongly advised against a common way people try to look younger, lightening the hair. Nicky told “Going too light to cover grey hair is one of the biggest mistakes I see.

“Unless your hair is naturally light or blonde, highlighting too much or completely changing the colour of your hair to go significantly lighter can age you, especially if it clashes with your skin tone.”

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How to prevent hair thinning

Treat hair with care

Avoiding blowdrying hair or heat styling can help to boost the health of your hair, and make it look younger. If you must use heat on your hair, make sure to use a heat protection spray.

Deep condition

The key to keeping hair lustrous is keeping it moisturised. Using a moisturising hair mask once a week will help keep hair strong and stop it from breaking.

Take vitamins

Make sure you are fueling your body, as a healthy body grows healthy hair. Take a vitamin or ensure you are eating an array of healthy food to support your body.

Another way to keep hair looking youthful is to treat split ends and boost the moisture and shine of hair. This is where a current TikTok trend comes in. 

“Hair slugging” is seeing beauty fans rave about the results, claiming it leaves their hair glistening and healthy after just one night.

TikTok user Monique Rapier (@Moniquemrapier) is a hair and beauty influencer with 300k followers on Instagram and over 433k followers on TikTok. She described the hair hack as “the best thing ever”.

In a video, which has currently amassed 39.7k likes, Monique shows how to do the hack at home with nothing more than some natural hair oil and a sock.

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