Anthony Joshua BEATS Kubrat Pulev LIVE REACTION: Tyson Fury reacts to AJ's challenge on social media – UPDATES

ANTHONY JOSHUA has BEATEN Kubrat Pulev thanks to a brutal triple knockdown and an uppercut that sent shockwaves around the world.

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Follow ALL the action from the big fight and undercard with our round-by-round live blog below…

  • Giacomo Pisa


    Floyd Mayweather and Anthony Joshua exchanging words after the fight tonight.

    Floyd 'Money' Mayweather's appearance tonight was a surprise to everyone, but he was rewarded for flying over for the fight with some fireworks from AJ.

  • Giacomo Pisa


    Anthony Joshua takes to Twitter after his TKO of Kubrat Pulev.

  • Giacomo Pisa


    Anthony Joshua and Kubrat Pulev react after AJ's ninth round victory.

    Credit: AP:Associated Press


  • Giacomo Pisa


    Anthony Joshua takes in the cheers of the crowd as he makes his way back to his dressing room.

    Credit: ©Mark Robinson Ltd
  • Giacomo Pisa


    This is what Eddie Hearn has to say on the matter:

    "We know what we have to do, starting from tomorrow we make the Tyson Fury fight straight away.

    "It's the only fight to be made in boxing, it's the biggest fight in boxing, it's the biggest fight in British boxing history."

  • Giacomo Pisa


    Tyson Fury was quick to react to AJ's victory on social media.

    "I want the fight, I want the fight next, I'll knock him out inside three rounds."

  • Matt Penn


    Pulev was tough as nails… but AJ got the job done.

  • Matt Penn

    AJ & FLOYD

    Look who Joshua went straight over to after his win…

  • Matt Penn


    "Starting from tomorrow, we make the Tyson Fury fight straight away," Hearn says.

    "Joshua is the best heavyweight in the world. We know what we have to do, we will get it done. "

  • Matt Penn


    "Wembley Arena, can you hear me? 1,000 fans I love you all, thanks for having me this evening," he said.

    "Less talk, more action, I hope everyone was satisfied with that tonight.

    "Ask Rob McCracken about my uppercut, I stuck to what I know best, when they're successful, they're successful.

    "We'll reunite in 2021, everyone have a great Christmas.

    "I started this game in 2013, of course I want the challenge, if the challenge is Tyson Fury, let it be Tyson Fury."

  • Matt Penn


    What a performance from AJ!

  • Matt Penn


    That was emphatic as anything from Joshua.

    He floored Pulev four times during the fight and finishes in excellent fashion when the time rolled around.

    Just the performance Joshua wanted and needed.

    Fury vs Joshua anyone?

  • Matt Penn

    ROUND 9

    Joshua let some huge shots go in there – picking Pulev apart with some huge uppercuts. And that was all she wrote in there.

    Fantastic stuff from Joshua, who exits the ring and goes straight to Floyd Mayweather.

    WOW! What a performance from Joshua.

  • Matt Penn

    ROUND 9


  • Matt Penn

    ROUND 9


  • Matt Penn

    ROUND 8

    Joshua and Pulev both getting a telling off in the ring from the referee. Pulev lands a nice right hand once they get back to it.

    Joshua then tees off on the Bulgarian but Pulev has both of his hands up.

    Pulev then swings and misses with a left hook, the same sort of one that cost him in the third stanza of the fight.

    AJ with most of the work in there. Pulev not doing enough. Simple as that.

  • Matt Penn

    ROUND 7

    Pulev has one hell of a chin!

    Joshua piles in on the uppercuts as they come in close, he adds a few right hands.

    But Pulev stands there and welcomes it all. Still a great performance from AJ so far, he turned the screw there but now he's back on his jab.

    Pulev needs to stop with the rabbit punching in there, the referee is letting him get away with a lot of it.


  • Matt Penn

    ROUND 6

    Rob McCracken asks Joshua to get back to his boxing in there. Pulev looked like he enjoyed that fifth round in there.

    Joshua is winning these rounds, but if he's to land a vicious attack like he did in the third then he needs to get back behind his jab.

    Pulev is almost backed up his talk with the way he's acting in there, despite being floored heavily.

    Pulev trying to commit to his shots in there but they're going to leace him very open.

    Another strong round for AJ.

  • Matt Penn

    ROUND 5

    Joshua trying to get back on his jab but Pulev is still in this fight. It's important AJ looks to set his shots up again, rather than rush in.

    The Brit barely looks like he's broken a sweat in there, Pulev much the opposite.

    The longer this goes the more Pulev should feel the heat, but Joshua has slowed himself since that third round.

    Joshua lands a nice right hand and tried to follow up with an uppercut that just grazes past him. AJ looks desperate to make a statement here tonight.

    Pulev lands a nice right hand in the final 30 seconds of the fight.

  • Matt Penn

    ROUND 4

    Joshua begins the round with a smile on his face. He knows Pulev is there for the taking.

    Pulev looks like he has recovered in there, somewhat, however.

    Joshua still looks very assured in there but he didn't land the massive blows he did during the third round of the fight.

    No dramatics like the third there…

  • Matt Penn

    ROUND 3

    More feinting to begin the third round, Joshua looks very assured in there and more confident than he did in the Ruiz Jr rematch.

    Pulev tries a clubbing right hand around the back but AJ dismisses it and comes forward with more jabs, before planting a nice right hand in the Bulgarian's face.

    Pulev attempts a left hook but misses and AJ goes to town with a huge attack!
    AJ lands a beautiful right hand and Pulev goes down before Joshua starts his attack again and floors the Bulgarian again!


  • Matt Penn

    ROUND 3


  • Matt Penn

    ROUND 2

    Pulev pushing the pace, he's the man coming forward while Joshua continues to pick his shots from the back foot.

    He does land a nice combo but Pulev looks at AJ and smiles – he liked that one apparently.

    AJ will grow in confidence as the rounds wear on, he continues to throw his jab out and gets into the body.

    Pulev trying to pressure AJ with his presence but Joshua controlling the fight well from the outside.

    Nice pair of jabs from AJ to close the round. 2-0 to the champ in London.

  • Matt Penn

    ROUND 1

    Both guys pretty tentative to kick things off as Joshua seeks some range in the middle of the ring.

    Pulev throws his jab out there first but Joshua's jab is an excellent one as well.

    Both men switched on in the ring you can see, pair of them trying to find a way in on each other. Fans are in raucous voice at Wembley Arena for this one.

    Joshua lands a nice jab in the last minute of the round but a very cagey opening from AJ and his opponent Pulev.

    Round 1 to AJ… just? Pulev does land a nice left hook to close the round, however.

  • Matt Penn


    The action has begun!

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