Aldi to give priority access to emergency workers no matter what time of day

The UK has gone into lockdown owing to the coronavirus pandemic and people are only allowed to leave the house for a certain few set reasons, one of which is to shop for essential supplies.

A key problem at the moment is people stockpiling basic amenities such as toilet roll, cleaning products and food. This has resulted in a reductive cycle because, due to lack of supplies, people that don’t want to buy in bulk now deem it necessary to do so due to the scarcity of products on sale.

As a result those key workers, such as vital NHS staff, are also struggling to pick up essentials in their limited breaks between shifts and are also having to waste valuable time in long queues.

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However, supermarket Aldi may have a solution. They have today announced that those that work for the NHS, police or fire service will have priority entry in their stores no matter when they shop.

Workers in Aldi stores nationwide are currently limiting the amount of customers at any one time due to the high risk of infection during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, any emergency workers who are carrying ID will now be allowed priority entry upon arrival or at least as soon as the government guidelines on social distancing permits.

The high street store tweeted: “We’re here for emergency workers. All day everyday key workers in the NHS, Police and Fire Service will take priority ahead of queues into our stores upon showing a valid ID.

"This is in addition to early access on a Sunday, where they can enter stores 30 minutes prior to opening. Thank you from everyone at Aldi.”

This is great news for those that may work difficult shift patterns and therefore can not easily benefit from the measures that many other supermarkets have in place which include specific times for emergency services to shop.

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Last week, Aldi announced that that they were opening their stores had an hour early for emergency workers, but this new rule will obviously make things a little easier for them to get hold of items throughout the day.

All that NHS, police, and fire service staff need to do is show their ID at the door, and they’ll be allowed to the front of the queue.

Many of the other supermarkets have also released social distancing rules to allow only a controlled amount of people in their stores at any one time, while also enforcing a two-metre distance between shoppers.

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