Aldi row explodes as woman rants at ‘annoying’ shoppers packing trollies at the till

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The woman shared her thoughts on the Aldi UK Shoppers Facebook group, which has almost 170,000 members. She wrote: “Why do people that use Aldi not understand you don’t pack a trolley full of food into your bags at the till! That is the whole point! Annoying…very annoying.”

The post provoked hundreds of fellow shoppers to share their opinion, with more than 800 responding before admin turned commenting off, NorthWalesLive reports. 

One user said: “I agree. I used to do this pre-pandemic but my store stopped us doing it last year. I now pack straight into my car.”

Another echoed: “Aldi is all about speed …. That is why there is a packing bench … yes very annoying.”

A third replied: “I love playing beat the cashier, I’m quite a pro and normally win.”

However, one defiant customer said: “I will pack mine at the till in my own time, I’m not rushing for any miserable gits and if I can see they are annoyed I will enjoy taking longer.”

Another mum, whose comment received many likes, wrote: “Tough sh**e, when I go and spend £180 in there with three kids, am I chuff going to stand there for another 30 mins packing it all. I shove the bags in the trolley and load them up as it comes through checkout.”

A third replied: “I pack at the till and always will. I am not putting food in my trolley, taking it out onto the till again, putting in trolley again THEN taking it out again and put into bags.”

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Another provided a helpful tip for packing: “If you line your trolley with three to four big bags it’s just as quick to put them down in the bag as it is putting them down in the actual trolley.

“I put all my heavy stuff on the belt first spread this across the bottom of the bags then the lighter things go on the top. I keep up fine and hold no one up. Also means less time in the shop.”

Additional reporting by Kelly Williams.

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