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COMPOSTING is an eco-friendly way of transforming your garden and household waste into a highly-effective soil improver.

Like a multi-vitamin for your outdoor space, compost encourages healthy growth and bountiful blooms.

Simply chuck away your waste clippings and selected food waste into a bin and let nature do its work. Soon you’ll have a condensed mass of organic awesomeness.

So-called "hot-bins" can give nature a bit of a helping hand.

They use heat to accelerate the decomposition process, creating compost in just over a month.

You’ll want to enjoy your garden, so we’ve looked at performance and practicality, as well as aesthetics to get you a bin that performs as well as looks good.

Bins can vary in capacity, style and functionality.

To help you we looked at expert opinions to identify the best compost bins available today.

1. Thermo-King 900 Litre Compost Bin

  • Thermo-King 900 Litre Compost Bin, £149.99 from Evengreener.com – buy here

If you need something a little larger for your garden, then opt for the Thermo-King – a 900-litre bin that will eat up just about everything.

The easy-lock system means no tools are needed to build it, with two access panels making it easy to load and unload. Ideal for big gardens.

2. Blackwall 220L

  • Blackwall 220L, £24 from Evergreener – buy here

It’s hard to find fault with the Blackwall, with the 220L low-cost composter delivering the green goods.

Solid and sturdy, it’s compost will propel you toward gardening glory in under six months.

3. 4smile Garden Composter

  • 4smile Garden Composter, £47.99 from Amazon – buy here

This two-tier composter will transform your waste in just six months.

This anthracite bin is weatherproof and has an ample 300 litre capacity for waste.

A favourite among users and experts, it clicks together without the need for any tools, with the sliding drawer giving you instant access to your fantastic fertiliser.

4. Envirocycle Composter

  • Envirocycle Composter, £169.99 from Amazon – buy here

Loud, proud and wonderfully crafted, the Envirocyle really is a revolution in design.

The 65-litre composter produces both liquid and solid fertiliser.

Rust-free, weatherproof and ready from the box, it’s a compost bin that makes a statement.

Not a fan of the flashy colour? It is also available in a neighbour-pleasing black.

5. Hotbin Composter

  • Hotbin Composter, £199 from eBay – buy here

The award-winning Hotbin wowed experts with the speed and quality of its compost – and how fast it produces it.

Super thick 50mm walls keep the compost warm and dry, with an internal thermometer allowing you to keep track of temperature for optimum operation.

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