Woman Goes on Racist Tirade Against Latino Cop, Calls Him 'Murderer'

A woman called a Latino cop a “murderer” over and over during a traffic stop — seemingly afraid for her life … until she spewed the racist venom she really wanted to get off her chest.

Check out this wild video showing a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy pulling a lady over in San Dimas last month, only to be insulted to his face repeatedly with one final sprinkle of racism for good measure. It’s insane.

The guy has his body cam rolling, and right out the gate … the woman is recording him as well with her phone, demanding to know why she was pulled over and insisting she’d done nothing wrong.

She’s pretty hostile while the deputy, who is Hispanic, keeps his cool … telling her he pulled her over for using her phone while driving. She says she did that because she wanted to capture any bad behavior — but he points out you can’t do that while driving.

Eventually, the woman asks him to get his supervisor on the scene over, which he did, but the deputy still calmly handed her a ticket. Once it was clear she wasn’t getting off the hook, she really went off, calling the deputy a “Mexican racist” and then proceeding to tell him that he’ll never be white and that he’ll always be Mexican.

Basically, she tried taking cover under the police brutality blanket … but really just seemed to hate the fact she was getting pulled over by a Latino cop, showing her true colors in the end.

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