Why Jennifer Lopez Identifies As a 'Sneakerhead'

When a celebrity first rises to stardom, no matter how they arrive, the world watches to see what they’ll become. Some accomplish only a quick 15 minutes of fame, and their star dies out. Others go on to do many things in their career.

Some find fame easily, others, like Lizzo, take longer. They may be a triple threat like Beyoncé or just ride the wave of the path they started on. Either way, there aren’t many celebrities whose star has risen to the level of the one and only Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez does it all

At 50, Lopez has done it all. At least it seems that way: She’s a singer, dancer, actress, producer, entrepreneur, mom, and more.

She’s also in the best shape of her life. She’s got a supportive fiance in Alex Rodriguez. And she’s still out there doing more every day. She’s proving that women don’t expire at a certain age — with hard work and strong goals, you can achieve anything you put your mind to, at any age. 

Lopez has won multiple awards and nominations for all her hard work. She makes her money from various income streams and is worth an astounding $400 million, which includes her clothing line and cosmetics endeavors along with all the other things she’s done in the past. And now, she’s adding shoe designer to her resume. 

J.Lo’s transition from sneakerhead to shoe designer

Lopez has always been a shoe lover. Everything she’s been involved in, she’s worn amazing shoes for. Whether it was her sparkling platforms for Hustlers or the knee-high boots she’s worn on stage while performing, she kills it in anything she puts on her feet.

She told Elle magazine how she danced in heels for the first time when she was 16 at her junior prom. She shared that back then, “you got these satiny shoes and you sent them out to be dyed so they’d be the same color as your gown, and that was so grown up.” But she also remembers being thrown to the sharks and learning how to swim when she first danced professionally because of the super high heels.

But she was actually a tomboy while growing up and preferred Timberlands, Doc Martens, or combat boots. The fact that she was a track star, a dancer, and Bronx-born also made her a natural sneakerhead.

To her, sneakers say a lot about a person. In fact, when J.Lo set out on yet another new adventure, she made sure to include one of her favorite shoes in the mix. Yes, Lopez’s latest entrepreneurial endeavor gives her a new title: shoe designer. 

Jennifer Lopez’s new shoe line


J.Lo was supposed to be in New York, her hometown, to launch her new shoe line, but like the rest of the world, she’s in isolation at her LA home. She’s working from home, prepping her JLo by Jennifer Lopez shoe line instead. One of her favorite things to do when stuck at home, and nothing makes her happier than a new pair of shoes, so the timing is perfect. 

The collection has something for everyone—heels, espadrilles, sandals, platforms, wedges, sneakers, and more. The collection is touted as sexy, strong, and iconic. Lopez herself says: “Fashion is an expression of who I am in the moment. Every shoe in this collection is a version of me.”

Perhaps her favorite is the one she’s wearing most while home – a platform sneaker reminiscent of Balenciaga. She loves any extra height she can get.

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