Vin Diesel walked Paul Walkers daughter down the aisle at her wedding

It’s been eight years since we tragically lost actor Paul Walker. Paul left behind his daughter Meadow Rain and his Fast and Furious cast mates have been a part of her life as she grew up. Meadow is now twenty-two years old and she just got married. Meadow shared a black and white video where she’s preparing to marry Louis Thornton-Allan on a beach in the Dominican Republic. In the clip Meadow’s godfather, Vin Diesel, walks her down the aisle. Jordana Brewster was also there. Meadow told Vogue that her aunt Paloma helped plan the wedding. Below are a few highlights via People:

“We’re married !!!!” Meadow wrote in the caption of the video.

Diesel, Meadow’s godfather, can be seen standing next to the bride — who wore a custom Givenchy Haute Couture dress — in the video while Brewster gave the model a hug. Another photo featured Diesel walking his goddaughter down the aisle.

In the video post, Meadow and Thornton-Allan hop into a white car while posing for wedding photographs.

Meadow told Vogue the pandemic “impacted our plans” when it came to planning their nuptials.

“Louis’s family wasn’t able to attend,” she said. “A lot of close friends whom we consider family were also unable to attend due to travel restrictions.”

It was Meadow’s aunt Paloma who helped the couple plan their wedding.

“She did an incredible job,” Meadow told Vogue. “We couldn’t have imagined it to be any more perfect and personal—and honestly it was easy and simple. Louis and I knew exactly what we wanted from the start. It was a very intimate celebration.”

After their wedding ceremony, a beach party ensued with Meadow divulging, “We were all barefoot, dancing in the sand.”

“To finish the night, there was a wonderful display of fireworks, and we lit lanterns into the picturesque night sky,” she told the magazine.

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This is definitely my feel good story of the week. I will never forget when I learned that Paul Walker died in that crash. I remember how heartbroken I was. He just seemed like a good guy. I was doubly heartbroken when I found out Paul had a teen daughter that he was leaving behind. Over the years, I wondered if Meadow was being looked after and loved. It rally warmed my heart to see that Meadow turned out so well. I am so happy to see that she found love and is now married. Admittedly, her husband reminds me of Paul (I know, I know).

I am also shocked that Meadow is now 22. Sometimes I forget how quickly people grow up. It was beautiful to see that Paul’s castmates, Vin and Jordana, are still in contact with Meadow and it made me smile to see Vin walk Meadow down the aisle. I am sure Paul, wherever he may be now, is proud of his friends for being there for his daughter. More importantly, I am sure Paul is proud of the way Meadow is leading her life. I wish Meadow and Louis luck on their marriage.

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