Vanessa Feltzs ex Ben Ofoedu says hes not a serial cheat

Vanessa Feltz gives update after Ben Ofoedu split

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Vanessa Feltz’s announced her split from Ben Ofoedu last month amid claims of infidelity. The Phats & Small singer has hinted that he wants her back while fiercely denying serial cheat claims.

Ben, 50, has addressed the former couple’s split and spoke about wanting to reconcile with the agony aunt.

Setting the record straight, he said: “We were in love for 17 years, so yeah I would love to be back in that situation because I love her so much.”

He told presenter Mark Dolan: “Vanessa and I parted ways. I mean, I’ve been pretty honest about it, really. All it was, I’d had an affair before which put our relationship on quite dodgy ground, but we’d got over it really and that was like 2015.

“There’s also a case that’s happening with the Metropolitan Police now, linked to a troll. I was sex texting this troll that I did not know was a troll and stuff, it was just sex texting.”

Ben went on: “The whole thing about me having numerous amounts of affairs, and going to holiday camps and sleeping with these different women, and that I’d had several affairs is just not true.

“And it’s horrible, I’ve been getting trolled by practically what seemed like the whole of Great Britain for the last three to four weeks and probably a couple of months, and it’s been really, really tough.

“I’ve been completely honest about it. I think it’s important to kind of own up and say, ‘Look, I was wrong,’ and stuff like that.”

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