Tori Spelling tried to charge fans $95 a piece to talk to her on Zoom

So many celebrities are working to entertain and connect with us at this scary time. I’m enjoying the Instagram live interviews, the at-home concerts, the dance parties and DIY interviews. Some of my favorite websites and experts are even holding free Zoom meetups where you can talk to them and other fans. I’m doing that too! We meet on Zoom every Wednesday at 4pm EST so email me at if you’d like an invite. We had the first one yesterday and it was so much fun! It’s more about you guys talking to each other than me specifically. I’ve never met so many women at once who know as much about celebrity gossip as I do! Of course I would never charge for this because most of you are more interesting than I am. One celebrity who does not think that way is Tori Spelling. She tried charging people $95 a PIECE for a Zoom chat with her capped at 20 people. Why not make it an even $100? What an a-hole:

“Can’t wait to do my first ever virtual meet and greet Thursday, April 9 at 5pm PDT,” Spelling, 46, wrote via Instagram on Monday, April 6, promoting her upcoming live video chat. “Only 20 spots available so reserve your spot now. Link in my bio xoxo.”

When fans went to click on the link, however, many were upset to learn that the chat with the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star costs $95.

“Of course it’s $95 because during a Pandemic we all have that to spare what a bummer 🙄….” one follower commented on Spelling’s Instagram post.

Another called out the actress for her selfish ways amid the current coronavirus crisis, writing, “Damn people are dying, and you still thinking how to gain money from us… what you were and what you became.”

While one fan pointed out that other celebs were taking time to raise funds for charity, another wrote that she would’ve participated if it wasn’t so expensive. “Its a bad time for me, since myself and my husband both lost our jobs. but maybe next time,” the fan wrote. “Im a HUGE 90210 fan. Love u tori aka donna martin.”

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Tori seems to have either canceled the meetup or taken it private because the post is now deleted. Her husband, Dean McDermott, did an Instagram video defending Tori. You can see it on the video below. He’s wearing a hat with the words “Violent Gentleman Hockey Club” and a shirt that says “Papa Bear” in all caps camo print. In case you don’t want to subject yourself to it, he says:

I find myself having to come to my wife’s defense yet again. I’m really disappointed because she’s catching flack and getting dragged yet again for doing a live meet and greet. People are upset that given the current situation we’re in… that she’s [airquotes] charging people money to do a meet and greet.

-E: Dean claims his wife was approached by a company to do the meet and greet –

What is wrong with providing for your family at this time? All the studios, everything is shut down. She has no way to work. So why can she not work from home and do a live meet and greet with fans and give them some light and love and have some fun? There are numerous celebrities and influencers that post stuff and are out there making money.

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That’s a BS that Tori was “approached by a company” to do the meetup. You know it was her idea. This is the woman who moved to a $13,000 a month house afer being sued for nonpayment of debts by multiple creditors. She’s had her assets seized by the IRS. Her mom has tens of millions of dollars, her kids aren’t going to go hungry and she’s not going to go homeless. This is not the time to charge people to talk to you. The fact that she tried to do it and that her dirtbag husband defended her tells you everything you need to know about these people.

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