The Worst Current Judge On The Voice, According To 36% Of People

What makes NBC’s “The Voice” better than other singing competition shows is arguably the franchise’s celebrity judges. From Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s on (and off) air chemistry, to Kelly Clarkson’s bubbly personality, to even John Legend’s encouraging demeanor, “The Voice” has had a lot of well-chosen A-list stars to judge the series. These celebs are different from other shows, such as “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent,” because the judges on the “Voice” actually coach and mentor their contestants.

However, with every success comes a downfall, like certain celebs who just didn’t quite have the charisma needed for the show. Therefore, here at Nicki Swift decided to find out just which music icon didn’t make the cut as one of “The Voice”‘s judges, according to fans. In a 2021 survey, we asked close to 600 of people in the U.S. to name the worst current judge on “The Voice” and the answers were not what we expected! 

Wondering who our readers said is the worst judge on the hit show? We’ve got the telling answers to our survey below. Keep reading to find out who is least liked and who fans named their favorite.  

Fans think this Jonas brother is the worstjudge on 'The Voice'

According to our 2021 survey of 581 people, fans named Jonas Brother singer Nick Jonas as the worst current judge on “The Voice.” Per our data, the 28-year-old pop singer received the most votes at 36.49%. Following him, shockingly, was Kelly Clarkson with 24.27%, then Blake Shelton with 20.65%. But who via our survey did fans vote for the least? R&B singer and songwriter John Legend received less than 20 % with 18.59% of votes — making him the favorite judge on “The Voice,” according to our participants.

So, why did the popular Jonas Brother get so many votes? It may have to do with the fact that he is not returning to “The Voice” for the show’s upcoming 2021 season. Heavy reports that Jonas has left the show and Ariana Grande will be taking his place as a new judge. However, it appears there is no bad blood there. The outlet says, “While we don’t exactly know why Jonas is leaving the show, it’s not uncommon for “The Voice” judges to rotate every season or two.”

But, maybe our readers are still a little hurt the Jonas Brother isn’t returning and that’s why he received the most votes as the worst judge on the show. What do you think?

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