The Tweets About Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber’s "Stuck With U" Are Everything

While most live events and concerts for 2020 have been postponed or canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, artists have been finding ways to entertain their fans from the comfort of their homes. Whether hosting virtual benefit concerts or releasing surprise new songs, there’s been no shortage of music magic in the past few months. Most recently, it was Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande who gave fans exactly what they wanted. These tweets about Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande’s "Stuck With U" show how thankful fans are for the new tune.

Bieber and Grande teased their big news on Twitter on Thursday, April 30. "Special announcement tomorrow at 10 am pst …" Bieber tweeted, without mentioning Grande.

If Beliebers weren’t excited enough to set their alarms to see what Bieber was going to share, Grande added to the anticipation tweeting, "See u there everybody."

Hours later, Bieber and Grande posted about their new song "Stuck With U" and teased the instrumentals. Grande revealed the "proceeds from the streams and sales of" their song will go to two extremely important causes. The first being 1st Responders Children’s Foundation which works to ensure "children of First Responders receive necessary resources to help them thrive." The second organization is Scooter Braun’s projects.

While Beliebers and Arianators may have to wait months to see either of them perform in person, this new song collab between Bieber and Grande will definitely hold fans over until then.

Check out the adorable music video below then scroll down to see what fans are saying about it on Twitter. (Hint: Many are ALL about the romantic moment between Grande an.)

It’s easy to see that fans are 100% pleased with Grande and Bieber’s bop, and there are two major takeaways that many people pointed out. The first being that the song was definitely worth the wait, and the second that the tune is an absolutely quarantine mood that will be on repeat for weeks to come.

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