Steve Scalise: Pelosi's masking rule makes 'absolutely no sense'

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Louisiana Republican slammed Democrats for requiring vaccinated to wear masks while keeping the border open

Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., joined "Kudlow" Thursday to discuss Speaker Nancy Pelosi's latest masking requirements and progress on a bipartisan infrastructure deal.

STEVE SCALISE: This is what freedom looks like, but clearly, Speaker Pelosi is trying to take that away, I mean, think of the lunacy that Speaker Pelosi is trying to get people that come to the United States Capitol on the House side, arrested if they're vaccinated without a mask, yet they can go to the Senate side without a mask and not get arrested. I guess maybe COVID knows that it needs to stop when it gets close to the Senate chamber. This makes absolutely no sense. 

We've always been for infrastructure going back to when President Trump was in office, as you know, we tried to work to get a bipartisan infrastructure deal that was paid for, and President Trump wanted to do that, too, Speaker Pelosi didn't. If you fast forward to today, Speaker Pelosi only wants to bring an infrastructure bill to the floor if it's tied to massive trillions of dollars of new taxes and new spending on things that have nothing to do with COVID like the Green New Deal that would destroy our ability to make things that would destroy our middle class in America, as well as things like unionizing health employees. What does that have to do with infrastructure? Yet they've tied all of it together.  


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