Sister Wives Wonder: Are Kody and Christine Brown… Related?!?

Over the past several days, many people close to Christine Brown have urged the reality star to sever her relationship with spirital husband Kody.

But here’s the crazy thing that many of these same people are now realizing:

Christine can never totally sever this relationship…

… because she and Kody are related!

We’re not kidding or exaggerating here.

As fans of Sister Wives likely know well, the world of polygamy is both large and small.

It’s large for obvious reasons: There are lots of children and lots of spouses involved; heck, Kody has 18 kids just on his own.

But it’s also small because those who grow up in a plural marriage often then marry others from a plural marriage — and there are only so many of these quasi romantic situations out there in the world.

As a result, daughters from one polygamous set-up end up getting hitched to sons of other polygamous set-ups, and everyone becomes intertwined at some point.

Kody and his Sister Wives are a perfect example of this point.

Just consider…

Janelle Brown was once married to Adam Barber, Meri’s brother.

Moreover, Janelle’s mother married Kody’s father.

Robyn’s first husband, David Preston Jessop, also has ties to the Brown family; he’s Christine’s first cousin and Kody’s third cousin.

It can get both confusing and even sort of gross if you really delve deeply into these relationships and these connections.

How does this all come back to Kody and Christine?

Because Robyn’s ex-husband is a blood cousin to the both halves of this married couple, they are, in fact, blood relatives themselves.

You see, Kody and Christine actually share a great-great-grandparent, some guy named Bryon Allred, who was a brother to some guy named Nelson Allred.

This matters in this context because Nelson was Kody’s great-great-grandfather.

We’ll therefore do the math for you: Kody and Christine’s are fourth cousins.

Should Sister Wives fans be disgusted by this reveal?

That’s entirely up to you. We’re not here to form any judgments. We’re just here to answer a question that’s been floating around the Internet for awhile now.

Perhaps it doesn’t even come as a surprise to anyone familiar with polygamy. 

We’re sure Kody and Christine are aware of their connection and/or wouldn’t care about if it made aware.

Far more pressing to anyone close to Christine is the way Kody has been treating his Sister Wives.

He’s deperate for money. He’s trying to force one huge house on them. He’s maybe seeking a fifth wife.

Fourth cousin or not, he doesn’t come across like a supportive husband — and Christine should cut bait as soon as humanly possible.

We promise, she won’t regret it.

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