Shaughna Phillips slams body shamers as she celebrates milestone in weight loss

Shaughna Phillips has opened up about gaining five stone since giving birth and her plans to lose weight. 

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday morning, 15 November, the former council worker shared her determination to reach her walking distance target for the day.

"I am getting my steps into day, if it kills me," she declared on Instagram, before sharing that she had reached a major 'milestone' in her weight loss journey. "I have officially lost a stone," she announced, adding humorously, "Another three hundred to go. Skinny queen."

On her Oh Baby podcast, Shaughna talked more about her struggle with body image after having a baby, confessing that the changes in her body have stopped her from wearing certain clothes. The reality TV star welcomed her first child, a baby girl named Lucia, with her ex partner Billy in April this year.

"I don't look like myself," she admitted to co-host Holly J Connolly and guest star, psychotherapist Anna Mathur. "I can't dress the way I want to dress because my body's not the way it used to be."

Shaughna shared that she's struggling with adjusting to a "new body" and finding "no time" to get into a healthier state. She also mentioned the added pressure of doing this while being watched by millions online.

"I'm really trying now, but I have the added pressure of having to do that in the public eye," she said. "And just this morning I had people going, I think you really need to lose the weight now."

Despite receiving negative comments, Shaughna is determined not to let them affect her.

"I can't tell you how much they do not bother me. I don't care," she declared. "I've had real s*** in my life that people on Instagram telling me I need to lose weight or going, do you know that you've gained weight? Have I? You're telling me I've gained five stone and I haven't realised. Of course I've bloody realized, okay?"

The busy mum then admitted that she's fallen into 'toxic' thought patterns, but is reminding herself to stay "present in the moment."

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