Samantha Markle got a trial date for her second defamation suit against Meghan

In Piers Morgan’s Sun column this week, he suggested that the Windsors should murder Prince Harry. Piers also denied speaking on the phone to Queen Camilla, and he brought up, out of nowhere, grifter dumbass Samantha Markle. Piers wrote: “So, on balance, I think I’ll wait for Meghan’s next appearance under oath – which may come quite soon in her legal battle with her half-sister Samantha – before believing her latest denials of any involvement, direct or otherwise, in this latest book.” First of all, it’s not against the law to give interviews to a biographer. Second of all, that name-check reminded me of my long-held conspiracy theory, which is that Piers is the scriptwriter and financier of the White Markles’ theatrics. Thomas and Samantha both perform scripts written by Piers, and Piers is seemingly showing his hand here – he could be the one financing Samantha’s nuisance lawsuit against Meghan.

As for the lawsuit, it’s still the same dumbf–kery. Samantha is suing Meghan for “defamation” because Meghan said she grew up as an only child, and Meghan also said she barely knew her half-sister. Samantha, meanwhile, has spent years giving paid interviews where she trashes Meghan. Now she claims that Meghan hurt her financially. That’s it, that’s the lawsuit. The first lawsuit was laughed out of court, but Samantha refiled and here we are. The judge set a date for the “trial.”

Samantha Markle looks likely will get her day in court after a judge set a trial date in her defamation lawsuit against half-sister Meghan Markle. The trial will begin in Tampa on November 4, 2024, a judge ruled this month. It is expected to last up to five days. She is seeking $75,000 in damages.

Samantha, 59, who has long been estranged from the Duchess of Sussex, alleges that she was defamed during the infamous Prince Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired in 2021. In March, a judge in Florida threw out the suit saying that Meghan’s claims would be impossible to disprove but following amendments, the same judge appears to have ruled that there is merit to the claims.

During the interview, Meghan, 42, made references to growing up as an only child, something which Samantha resented, alleging that she had a normal sibling relationship with her younger half-sister.

[From The Daily Mail]

$75K. That’s all she wants. One, that shows that she’s desperate for Meghan to settle or just throw money at her to go away. Two, if Meghan doesn’t pay up, Samantha’s aim is just to be a thorn in Meghan’s side for as long as possible, to “punish” Meghan for not giving a sh-t about her grifter ass. It’s sort of astounding to really think about how Samantha and Thomas both sold out Meghan for relative paltry amounts of money. They weren’t even smart enough to figure out how to really “profit” from their connections to Meg. Anyway, this woman is a lunatic and I hope the court throws this bullsh-t out again before the trial date.

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