Rumors abound about a possible Austin Butler-Kaia Gerber engagement links

Are Kaia Gerber & Austin Butler engaged or what? [LaineyGossip]
Jeremy Strong actually drank that disgusting smoothie in Succession. [Dlisted]
Brie Larson’s Chanel wardrobe in Cannes was not great. [Tom & Lorenzo]
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ended this week too. [Pajiba]
The white feminists are still crying about Shiv Roy’s choices. [Jezebel]
Sienna Miller is still with Oli Green. [JustJared]
A look at Alexander McQueen’s pre-fall collection. [GFY]
Is Kylie Jenner attempting a “quiet luxury” rebrand? [Buzzfeed]
Japan just legalized gay marriage? [Towleroad]
Which Kardashian-Jenner would you like to get drunk with? I think Kim? If you get drunk with Khloe, you’ll probably both end up arrested. [Starcasm]
Riley Keough wore a Loewe bedsheet, basically. [RCFA]

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