Robin Williams’ Grandson is Learning About Him Through ‘Aladdin’ Role

Robin Williams‘ son, Zak, is using his iconic Aladdin role as the Genie, to introduce him to his own son, Mickey.

Zak revealed to People that cels of Robin‘s famous roles hang in Mickey‘s room.

“His mom [Olivia June] and I have certainly considered how we want to introduce my son’s grandfather, my dad, into his life,” he shared in a new interview. “Certainly through his movies and the cartoons that he participated in is a great way. My son, Mickey, points at a cel that we have in his room of my dad that has the genie from Aladdin.”

Zak continues that in addition to the cels in Mickey’s room, there are even more “throughout our home that he sees on a daily basis. I think it’s being mindful and introducing the elements and stories about him slowly.”

He adds, “We hope that we can celebrate the positive elements and his works and films in a way that there can be appreciation and acknowledgment of him both as an entertainer, but also as a family man, and parent and grandfather to my son. So, the key thing would be for us to introduce it slowly and meaningfully. Taking an opportunity to share stories and his values in a way that we hope can be appreciated and embodied.”

Robin sadly died by suicide in 2014. Zak welcomed Mickey, whose full name is McLaurin Clement, in 2019.

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