Prince Charless Christmas card is a lot better & funnier than William & Kates

I’m still thinking about the fact that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge apparently took a family vacation to Jordan in the middle of the pandemic and no one said anything about until they released their Christmas card and it was a family photo from Jordan. Like, it’s crazy?? It’s bonkers PR and messaging, especially given the pandemic and especially given that the Cambridges made a big f–king deal about how they were truly the Future King and Future Queen because they would only take vacations within the UK. And we still don’t know when they took this trip!! Was it over the summer? Was it in October? Or was it in the spring? They disappear from public view so often, which is also a bad message to send to the public.

Anyway, Prince Charles actually read the room. He had a better sense of what the world was feeling after a long 2021. Charles and Camilla’s Christmas card is a photo from this year’s Royal Ascot, where Charles is wearing a mask and he’s reaching over to help Camilla with her mask. It’s a sweet image, honestly, and it shows more humor than I was expecting. Better messaging overall, especially with the UK facing more mask mandates and lockdowns in the Age of Omicron. Still, I bet the British media “appreciates” Will and Kate’s card more because they showed the kids, and because the media could reveal details about the Jordan trip whenever they want to yank on William’s leash.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

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