Piers Morgan: GMB host slams Lord Sugar for ‘doing nothing’ amid coronavirus crisis

Piers Morgan, 54, has slammed his online nemesis Lord Sugar, **, “shameful”, after he reposted a tweet condemning the Good Morning Britain presenter for his efforts in raising awareness of how deadly the coronavirus actually is. The outspoken presenter has been widely criticised for his tactics while trying to hold the government to account all while being accused of being a “scaremonger”.

As #Coronavirus rips through Britain & the death toll rockets, billionaire ⁦ @Lord_Sugar⁩ continues to obsessively mock me for ‘scare-mongering’ – from the safety of his Florida mansion. And still does nothing to help. Shameful

Piers Morgan

But among the numerous critics bashing him for creating hysteria, there many who have thanked him for his support of the NHS, saying he has “changed their opinion” of him from his management of the crisis, despite his “reputation”.

When he’s not presenting GMB, he’s battling/thanking fans on Twitter, but yesterday he didn’t take kindly when he saw a sly jibe from an old enemy.

After coming across a tweet accusing him of “scaremongering” at this crucial time, Piers also noticed Lord Alan Sugar had reposted it.

Lord Sugar and Piers have locked horns on many occasions, making it no secret that they strongly dislike one another.


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And it’s safe to say he wasn’t amused by this slap in the face.

The ITV host screenshot the original tweet, which read: “Today is the last day of March and Piers is still a scaremonger. Pass it on.”

Accompanying the screenshot, Piers hit back at The Apprentice boss, calling it “shameful” how he is a “billionaire” and “still does nothing” to help.

“As #Coronavirus rips through Britain & the death toll rockets, billionaire ⁦

@Lord_Sugar⁩ continues to obsessively mock me for ‘scare-mongering’ – from the safety of his Florida mansion. And still does nothing to help. Shameful.”

So far, Lord Sugar hasn’t repsonded to Piers’ swipe, but it didn’t take long for fans to air their views on their feud.

Taking to the comments section, multiple people backed the presenter, slamming anyone who believes he is trying to scare people unduly.

“How anyone can even utter the word ‘scaremongering’ when 400 people a day are dying in the UK alone is beyond my comprehension. Almost brings me to tears,” one sighed.

Another noted: “Piers isn’t scaremongering. Just plain and simply telling the truth & trying to get the Govmt to get their finger out and DO, DELIVER what they say they’re doing.

“Don’t shoot the messenger. Shoot the muppets who are not doing the best for this country.”

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A third exclaimed: “Piers, after all your pressure to get the government to do the right thing and for talking sense through this whole thing… you should have a KNIGHTHOOD.”

“A healthy 13 year old has just died it’s time it got through to these people how much danger we’re in!” a fourth urged others to understand the dangers of the virus.

Following the bash, the TV personality continued to air his views on “high-profile people” and what they’re doing to help at great times of need.

“Times like this truly reveal people’s true colours.,” he wrote.

“I’ve been delighted to see so many high-profile friends really step up to the #coronavirus fight, and incredibly disappointed by the shockingly stupid & selfish behaviour of others. Wars are a great judge of character.”


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But there were those who believed that he was still “fear spreading”, telling him to “wind your neck in” and quizzed him about his donations to coronavirus relief.

Last week, Piers made an extremely generous offer which won him the respect of many around the nation.

Speaking on the ITV show, he said: “I will say now to any health worker during the future of this crisis, however long it lasts, if any of you get a parking ticket at a hospital where you’re working, I will pay it for you.

“I will pay it and I will then go to the Government and have the battle, you don’t get involved.

“Send it in to Good Morning Britain and I will pay the parking ticket if that is what it takes.”

Good Morning Britain continues weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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