Piers Morgan: GMB host forced to explain after ‘hypocritical’ post lands him in trouble

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Piers Morgan, 55, is used to ruffling feathers and receiving criticism here, there and everywhere, but after sharing a tweet poking fun at certain social media users, he had to quickly backtrack in order to clarify his comments after it became apparent his wording had included him in the insult. In order to save face and avoid more unnecessary backlash from others the post wasn’t intended for, he made a joke out of it to make light of the mistake.

Otherwise I’d be calling myself a loon & telling myself to f*ck off

Piers Morgan

Taking to Twitter after Monday morning’s Good Morning Britain had finished, the ITV star seemed to have had enough of people who hide behind cartoon smiley faced display pictures on the social media platform.

He wrote: “No offence to everyone with a smiley face profile pic… but can you all loons just f*ck off? Thanks.”

It is unknown as to what set Piers off on his latest rant but his choice of words left some users confused and prompted them to react to his statement.

“Says the man with a smiley face profile pic!!” one retorted, as Piers’ own display picture is of him and footballer Pierre Emerick Aubameyang grinning away.

A second agreed, posting a zoomed in version of Piers’ smiling picture: “Like this one????”

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Another snapped: “Says the one who’s smiling in his profile pic.”

“Charming as ever Piers!” a fourth sighed.

After noticing the criticism, the TV presenter thought it’d be best to explain himself promptly.

In a separate tweet replying to the original, he added: “CLARIFICATION: A smiley face emoji pic, not an actual smiley face.

“Otherwise I’d be calling myself a loon & telling myself to f*ck off.”

And while many mocked the need to clarify with some ill-humoured insults aimed at the outspoken host, it seems there was quite a few users who welcomed to explanation.

“Thanks for the clarification. I did wonder and thought hold on a minute but he has a smiley face,” one said.

Another added: “I have been waiting for 3 hours for a follow-up. Thanks.”

“I’m so glad you clarified that, I was starting to get a little worried,” commented a third.

A fourth joked: “Oohhhh I see, you’re off the hook then.”

On a lighter note, Piers updated fans about his parent’s recovery after battling Covid back in November last year.

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The two over-seventy year-olds fell ill with the virus after someone in their bubble contracted it.

Even though they’re now on the road to being completely well again, Piers noted his dad is still suffering some symptoms 10-weeks after the “scary” fortnight battle.

In his most recent MailOnline column, the ITV host explained his dad was still without his sense of taste or smell, an important symptom that alerted many they may have contracted the virus during the height of the pandemic.

“My parents are now recovered from their nasty bouts of coronavirus back in November. Well, almost,” he wrote.

“My dad still hasn’t got back his sense of taste or smell, ten weeks later.”

But every cloud has a silver lining and for Piers’ dad it was a quite a brilliant one.

Piers continued: “But he has extracted a rare positive from ‘long Covid’.

“‘I can drink £3 bottles of wine and pretend it’s Chateau Latour ’61,'” he recalled his father saying.

“‘The experience is exactly the same!’”

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