Peter Andre and wife Emily put their romance to the ultimate test as they approach five year wedding anniversary

Peter and Emily Andre have proved just how much they know each other after five years of marriage, eight years of being together and welcoming two children, Amelia and Theo.

The loved-up couple, who recently revealed their favourite things in their stunning Surrey home as they gave us a tour, seem more in love than ever as they approach their fifth wedding anniversary.

But, it seems doctor Emily, 30, knows more about her husband Peter, 47, than he knows of himself as the couple sat down to play a game of Mr and Mrs with OK! magazine.

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In the exclusive video, Peter reveals he knows Emily’s favourite flower, but fails to remember the mum-of-two’s top choice of film.

However, Peter managed to pin-point Emily’s pet hate which he revealed was: “Someone playing their phone while the TV is on.”

Meanwhile, Emily and Peter were left in stitches when the singer revealed he didn’t know the answer to two of the questions he asked, which were his favourite film and biggest pet hate.

As Emily tried to guess what Peter’s pet hate was, she gave two suggestions, which were: “When I go to Sainsbury’s and don’t buy you mozzarella or almond milk”.

She also added: “Putting your boxers in the tumble dryer,” to which Peter says: “No, Ems I do a lot of my own washing!”

But, his wife doesn’t seem convinced and after three rounds NHS doctor Emily was crowned the Mr and Mrs winner.

The adorable relationship game comes as the couple revealed they are yet to make any concrete plans for their fifth wedding anniversary amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Peter told us: “I don’t think we can make any plans at the moment, but one thing is for sure, we will be together.”

While Emily said: “I am hoping the lockdown is going to be over by July, we need to be optimistic.

And, Peter added: “When we are able to travel again, I would really like to take Emily back to where we went on our honeymoon, Santorini. We wouldn’t renew our vows yet, though – ask us after 20 years of marriage!”

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After five years of being married, the couple revealed they are more in love now than they ever have been.

In an intimate chat with OK! magazine, the Mysterious Girl singer turned to his wife and said: “I love you more now than I ever did.”

To which Emily said: “I do, too.

“This sounds really silly, but I still find it amazing that we have made two people that are half me and half you. It sounds like the most obvious thing ever but it bonds you together forever.”

Read Peter and Emily's full interview with OK! magazine – out, nationwide, now. Video shot my Luke Smith

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