Noah Centineo Caused Hysteria For Ross Butler – Find Out How!

Noah Centineo is the root of the reason why Ross Butler had to shut down his Animal Crossing island!

The 23-year-old To All The Boys star tweeted out his co-star and friend’s code, and had tons of fans dropping by.

“I don’t have animal crossing… but Ross Butler does, and this is his code. He’s been super lonely lately and could use some new friends.. Go say hi to him for me :),” Noah tweeted.

“Thanks @noahcent for inviting the world to my island,” Ross wrote with a photo of the game on his Switch.

“Thanks Noah for all these new friends. Just clapping on my island, making noise, being rambunctious,” Ross added on his Instagram story.

After all the visitors, Ross eventually ended up closing the gates.

“Alright guys, I just ended the session. Look at all these trampled flowers! Visitors came and they just trampled my garden. Not cool,” he added.

LOL, oops! Hopefully he had fun with fans though!

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