Nick Cordero will have an MRI, wife Amanda says in latest update

Amanda Kloots said Tuesday husband Nick Cordero is “being slowly weaned off some medicines and machines” in her latest update on the Broadway star’s condition.

Appearing on her Instagram Story, Kloots explained the doctors are looking to conduct an MRI scan on Cordero “as soon as possible,” days after the 41-year-old actor had his right leg amputated due to coronavirus complications.

“Nick is being slowly weaned off some medicines and machines, which is a really great progress,” Kloots said. “Mental status is still unchanged and so what they [doctors] want to do is an MRI as soon as possible, they want to make sure that he’s in good condition to do that.”

Kloots continued, “They want to get him down to an MRI to further investigate what’s going on with his brain and spine, just to cover all bases.”

Cordero has been hospitalized since early April and still remains on a ventilator. During that time, Kloots has regularly updated Cordero’s well-wishers on his progress, noting last week the former “Rock of Ages” star may not walk again.

Kloots added she remains hopeful.

“For the first time in a couple of days feeling like things are slowly progressing,” she said. “I have a lot of hope … I’m feeling like things are going in a good way.”

Earlier this week, Kloots posted a video of her wedding dance with Cordero, vowing the couple “will dance again.” They share 10-month-old son Elvis.

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