NFL: Todd Gurley Reveals How He’s Elevating His Game For Next Season: ‘I Want A Rushing Title’

HollywoodLife caught up NFL star running back Todd Gurley, who says he’s already feeling great about next season! The 3x Pro Bowler took us inside his training and revealed how he stays in the best shape of his life!

The future looks bright for Todd Gurley. The NFL running back, 25 —who recently joined the Atlanta Falcons after being released from the Los Angeles Rams all in a matter of six days — has high expectations for himself next season. We caught up with Gurley on the evening before day one of his training, where he explained how life changes from the offseason to the lab.

After spending time in Budapest, where he did conducted four football camps in two days, to lounging on the beach in the Bahamas and indulging in his lavish guilty pleasures, lamb chops and lobster, “It’s time to get at it,” Gurley told HollywoodLife during an exclusive interview. Editor’s note: This interview was conducted before news of Todd Gurley’s release from the LA Rams. 

“It’ll take me about two or three weeks to get back in shape, so I’m super excited,” he admitted about the start of his training, which also includes playing Call of Duty in between workouts and meals. A game he’s been playing since age 14. “There is more attention to detail now [with diet],” Gurley said about how his nutrition transitions from the offseason to training. “A month ago, I could put something off. Now, it’s just a more intense focus, it’s about doing the right thing.”

After applying the latter formula, “everything just falls into place,” he said. “As a football player, I’m just so used to being in a routine. Once you get back in that routine, training and eating right, it’s all you know,” Gurley continued, noting that he limits travel once training begins.

With physical preparation, comes mental health, something he takes very seriously. It’s how he plans to help elevate his game in hopes of meeting a rushing title next season.

“I’m trying to work hard and focus on being a better player and staying in the best shape of my life. And then, try to get a rushing title. I feel like I came close two times. So, I definitely want a rushing title, touchdowns, all that. But, whatever I can do to help the team out,” he said about his team (LA) at the time, before he recalled a special moment with the Rams.

“Went to the Super Bowl two years ago,” he said about the team’s 13–3 loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII. “I definitely need to get back there for sure,” he said.

On March 19, the Los Angeles Rams released Gurley, who later admitted he didn’t see the news coming. Though, with a running back of his caliber, it didn’t take long for him to sign with another team. Just six days later, Gurley confirmed rumors that he joined the Atlanta Falcons, tweeting, “Rise Up I’m home.” He played college football at Georgia.

As previously mentioned, HollywoodLife caught up with Gurley after an intense “Hype Battle” against Black Panther actor (and self-proclaimed CoD star) Michael B. Jordan at Call of Duty League’s LA Home Series on March 8. Gurley felt “lucky” to be teamed up with the brand at the Call of Duty League LA Homes Series in early March.

“I wanted to tell you I won, but I didn’t, but it was fine though,” Gurley, who said things got “competitive” during the star-studded matchup, admitted. “It was cool, but he kept pausing in the game so he can take away our momentum,” he joked about his opponent, the Creed actor.

Gurley went on to admit that he plays Call of Duty just about any time he can get his hands on the game. “I play mobile on my phone, sometimes on the bus before games, in the house, just relaxing and it’s just fun,” he said, noting that his relationship with the brand is strong. “It means a lot, it’s authentic and it just matches up.” The Call of Duty League season will be continuing soon and you can catch all the action live on the official Call of Duty League YouTube Channel.

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