Mykenna Dorn’s Comment About Peter Weber & Kelley Flanagan Is Too Real

ICYMI: After trying and failing to make it work with two separate women from his season, Bachelor Nation’s most indecisive star has reportedly been spotted out with yet another woman he previously broke up with on national television. And Mykenna Dorn’s comment about Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan reportedly galavanting around Chicago while the rest of the world is social distancing is a pretty accurate depiction of how annoyed most people are by the pictures. Cosmopolitan captured a screenshot of Dorn, another contestant on Weber’s season of The Bachelor, commenting "guess they didn’t get the quarantine memo" on a now-viral couple of pictures of Flanagan and Weber looking super couple-y together in Chicago. (By "super couple-y" I obviously mean extremely over-the-top Bach Nation style PDA).

The series of photos, which feature Weber strolling along the water with Flanagan slung over his shoulder, were posted by Brett S. Vergara on March 25. Vergara paired the photos with this caption that perfectly encapsulates everything going through Bachelor Nation’s heads:

Plenty of people in the comments section echoed sentiments similar to that of Dorn’s on Vergara’s post.

"I dont know what I’m more disappointed by," wrote one follower. "Kelley cus shes too good for him for the lack of social distancing." Another simply chimed in to write, "what don’t these people get." Another raised this great point: "The man is not worth the coronavirus, Kelley."

This straight-up angry fan wrote, "Yeah explain why the f*ck they aren’t social distancing and inside like the rest of Chicago is!" And then there was this angry mom who has had enough of Weber’s shenanigans: "I’m two weeks into trying to homeschool these kids and really would like them to go back some day, so knock it the f*ck off and stay home Peter!"

People on Twitter were equally annoyed:

Oh, there was also this tweet that I personally really appreciated:

At least everyone is on the same page about how absurd it is to not be practicing social distancing at this point? IDK, just trying to find a bright side here.

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