Miley Cyrus' Song 'Rainbowland' Stirs Controversy for WI School Concert

Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton‘s duet is inappropriate for elementary school kids to sing … at least according to a Wisconsin principal who’s banning “Rainbowland” from a spring concert.

Here’s the deal … first-grade students at Heyer Elementary in Waukesha started the week preparing for their upcoming concert, with “Rainbowland” as part of the initial setlist.

Heyer Elementary School

The song was played in the first-grade class Monday, but by Tuesday the principal sent an email to the music teacher informing her Miley and Dolly’s 2017 duet was no longer allowed.

Some parents say their children came home upset Wednesday after learning they couldn’t sing it … with the kids wondering why it was a big deal.

Superintendent Jim Sebert told multiple news outlets “Rainbowland” was dropped because it “could be perceived as controversial” according to recent school policies.

The song is from Miley’s album “Younger Now” … and she’s said it was inspired by the paint in her recording studio. Dolly says the track is about “hope and positivity in dark times.”

Some of the lyrics are, “Living in a Rainbowland/ The skies are blue and things are grand/ Wouldn’t it be nice to live in paradise/ Where we’re free to be exactly who we are.”

While both singers have openly supported the LGTBQ community, neither has said the song has any intentional connection to it.

The superintendent told local news outlets, “The main question was is the song appropriate for the age level and maturity of the students.”

Instead, the students will now sing Jim Henson‘s “Rainbow Connection” from the Muppets, plus “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles and “It’s a Wonderful World.”

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