Michael Angelis dead: How did Thomas the Tank Engine narrator die?

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Michael Angelis died suddenly at home with his wife on Saturday. The actor is best known for being the narrator behind Thomas the Tank Engine or for starring as Mickey in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. He was also well known for his roles as Arnie in September Song, Martin Niarchos in GBH, and Lucien Boswell in The Liver Birds.

The actor’s agent confirmed his death in the last hours of Saturday evening.

Paying tribute to him on social media, comedian Matt Lucas described Angelis as “one of the greatest TV actors I’ve ever seen”.

Lucas said: “His work with (screenwriter) Alan Bleasdale was tremendous. What a loss.”

One fan tweeted:  “Ringo Starr may have started it, but Michael Angelis was the show. There’s a reason he was the narrator for over 20 years. He was just that good.”

Another posted: “RIP Michael Angelis, a gentle and sweet natured man, one always felt, often surrounded on screen by angrier and more cantankerous presences. I for one used to appreciate that, however righteous their anger. Also has his news of his death, written, Yoda style, into his name.”

How did Michael Angelis die?

The cause of death is currently unknown.

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It is known Angelis died suddenly at home on Saturday with his wife, Jennifer Khalastchi.

He was previously married to Gail Platt actress Helen Worth.

Who is Michael Angelis?

Angelis lent his voice to children’s TV programme Thomas the Tank Engine for 13 series.

He took over the role over from Ringo Starr in 1991, when the programme was called Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. 

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