Mean Girls Musical Movie Heres Everything We Know, From Casting to Music & More!

A new Mean Girls movie is on the way!

The upcoming new version of the 2004 Lindsay Lohan-starring film will be based off of the Tony award-nominated Broadway musical.

Tina Fey wrote the original movie, then the musical adaptation, and she returned to pen the new musical screenplay.

Her husband Jeff Richmond wrote the music, with lyrics by Nell Benjamin. For the new movie, Kyle Haganami serves as choreographer.

When adapting the Broadway musical to a movie, Tina shared that the songs will be a little different.

“The songs are sounding – It’s really a more kind of pop. And it’s a fascinating process, actually, because you kind of, in Broadway, everything has to play to the back of the house, and then movies, you can kind of come back in and things can play really intimately,” she said on Late Night.

Mean Girls, the movie musical, was recently given a January 12, 2024 theatrical release date, after originally being planned for Paramount+.

So, who stars in the new movie?

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