Mama June Joins Cameo After Daughter Honey Boo Boo Is A Hit On The Video-Sharing Site

Thousands are out of work, but Mama June just found a way to keep money coming in! The reality star is getting up close and personal with fans for a fee through this video service.

Despite being in quarantine, Mama June, 40, and her brood are keeping busy when it comes to work! The reality star, born June Edith Shannon, just popped up on video website Cameo charging an affordable rate of $25 per video. The service, accessible to anyone, allows fans to browse through available talent and pay a fee for a customized video greeting. “Hey y’all, what’s up, the craziness is back! I really missed have y’all and looking forward to reconnecting with y’all,” the Mama June: Family Crisis star said on her Instagram story Saturday, April 4, also posted on Cameo’s site. “Just hit me up with the shoutouts ya’ll want me to do, and I’ll hit ya’ll back at my earliest convenience. I hope that ya’ll enjoy every shoutout I’m doing — thanks and love ya!” she added, blowing the camera kiss.

So far, it appears that Mama June has been a hit with nine reviews and a five-star rating. “Thank you so much, Mama June! The added fart makes is 10x more special! Love you and hope you’re doing well! Happy Easter!” one fan gushed, while another posted “Epic! Mama is super fast too. I love you so much girl!!!! Thank you.” The Georgia native isn’t the first family member to get on the popular site, as her daughters Honey Boo Boo, 14 — born Alana Thompson — and Pumpkin, 20 — born Lauryn Michelle Shannon — are also on the site for $20 a video. In the video greetings shared on the Cameo site, it appears the ladies have been asked for simple “hello” videos directed towards a friend or family member, or have been tasked to do festive birthday greetings.

June has actively been promoting Cameo via Instagram since joining on Friday, April 3. “Hey y’all I’m excited to connect with you on @cameo now I can make video messages for y’all! The link is in my profile bio,” the matriarch captioned her initial video, following up with a second on April 4. “Hey ya’ll, this is Mama June! In the middle of this pandemic, I would love to be able to send videos and shoutouts and videos to ya’ll,” she said from what appears to be a home office. June showed off her casual and cozy quarantine style, opting for a red Nike t-shirt that read “Just Do It” along with a pair of black workout leggings.

Hey y’all I’m excited to connect with you on @cameo now I can make video messages for y’all! The link is in my profile bio

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June has been creative when it comes to her money making ventures lately, actively doing paid social media posts for a variety of products — including weight loss beverage Boom Bod. Following her arrest and subsequent legal issues, she has been open about her financial struggles on Mama June: Family Crisis, so we’re definitely glad to see she’s found a way to keep making an income!

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