Makes me feel sick Phil Spencer blasted as video of him posing with shot deer re-emerges

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Phil Spencer, 51, has been criticised after a video of him from 2011 on a hunting expedition resurfaced on social media. The Location, Location, Location host first came under fire for the footage when it appeared on the online TV station the Fieldsports Channel nine years ago, according to the Evening Standard at the time.

The publication reported that Phil had accompanied farm manager Andy Crow on a hunting expedition, with Crow’s crops having been harmed by the deer.

Now, the footage from the occasion has resurfaced and gone viral on Twitter with 981,000 people viewing a 56-second clip online.

During the clip, which was first posted in June 2020, Phil can be seen handling the corpse of a deer after having shot it dead.

Phil says: “I managed to get a cheeky shot on a slightly difficult angle.”

“It didn’t sound like I’d hit it,” he noted, but confirmed he had.

He continued: “I am absolutely chuffed to bits. It has been my ambition to shoot a deer for a very, very long time.”

He went on by addressing the deer: “Thanks, Buddy. But I will remember you for as long as I shall live.

“Hopefully, I might get to taste him as well.”

In a statement at the time in 2011, Phil commented to the Daily Mail: “Because I’ve been involved in different types of fieldsports since practically I could walk it’s always been around me.

“It’s something I’m very comfortable about. It’s part of me – it’s my complete passion.”

Referring to his family background in farming with his father, Phil noted that the operation he took part in was “serious and necessary” with the deer costing the farmer £40,000 due to crop damage.

The TV star noted that he was accompanied by an experienced deer hunter on the excursion.

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Phil added: “Around 100,000 deer are culled in the UK each year, not purely related to crop protection, but this is an absolutely necessary precaution against over-population.

“I took this particular animal home and it has since fed around 35 people.”

Phil concluded: “I’m sorry if killing such a beautiful animal is difficult for some people to stomach, but I would also hope that anyone who enjoys eating any type of meat stops to appreciate that their chicken, sheep, cow, pig etc also had to die in order to end up on their dinner plate – and almost certainly had a less fulfilling life than this wild fallow buck did.”

However, sharing the clip on Twitter, Downton Abbey star Peter Egan wrote: “His ambition was to shoot a deer which he did..he then goes on to humiliate his victim.

“He is a pathetic psychopath..shocking t***wit.”

While one of his followers replied: “See a lot of deer where I stay. Always pleased to see them; never occurs to me to kill them. Can’t understand why anybody would contemplate doing such a thing. There’s no justification for it, and absolutely no point either.”

A third remarked: “Pro fox hunter too, member of Hunt club. Stopped watching him years ago when he was vocal about being against the Fox hunt ban.”

While a fourth said: “I was actually quite shocked by this. What kind of person has such an ambition to shoot a deer (any deer seemingly) and be so chuffed about it? The way he strokes it afterwards makes me feel sick.”

A representative of Phil’s has been contacted for comment by

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