Love Islands Katie Salmon turns to religion and was baptised after reaching breaking point

Katie Salmon has revealed that she was baptised three months ago, and "found peace" through religion after reaching a "breaking point" in her life.

The former Love Island star, 27, previously made headlines due her wild behaviour, and earlier this year was questioned by police after a fight left her hospitalised.

She also received a lifetime ban from Cheltenham Festival back in 2016 when she flashed her breasts to other people in attendance.

Sharing that she has put this period of her life behind her, Katie shared a video compilation of photos showing her before, during, and after her baptism.

Katie penned a length caption discussing her turn to God, which she began with: "3 months since I was baptised…From being at breaking point in my life to finding hope and peace in the storm I won’t stop speaking his name or what he’s done with my life."

And reflecting on how this has changed her, she continued: "I want to make clear this isn’t a post or trend to say how God stopped me dressing provocatively, exposing my body online or covering my face in makeup.

"He didn’t stop me doing anything, he simply loved me just for who I am and made me look at myself the way he looks at me. I found a relationship with the Lord himself not a religion but a deeper meaningful relationship.

"I want to honour him, his word and his people. Everything has changed inside and around me so my posts may have changed. My look, my bank balance and my clothing BUT I am more me than ever before."

It comes just a couple of months after Katie revealed that she was quitting her OnlyFans career, after welcoming her baby daughter Thaiga last year.

Explaining her decision, Katie shared a video in which she could be seen wiping away tears and putting her racy items into a rubbish bag as the video caption reads: “I was one of OnlyFans top creators for years.

"After struggling financially, I wanted to give myself my dream life, so I did. I travelled the world and met some amazing friends. I quickly became addicted to the money, attention and life.

"Then I fell pregnant and found out I was having a little girl. I didn’t feel comfortable doing the job while I was pregnant so I took some time off. I felt pressure to return quickly after birth.

"I had a family to provide for. But I quickly realised it wasn’t my path anymore. My daughter was watching me, copying me, looking to me."

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