Louis Tomlinson Would Be This One Direction Member If He Could Be

Louis Tomlinson is known for being quite the jokester from One Direction. The singer, who wrote over 30 songs for One Direction, is known for his goofy personality. He expressed himself with the other boys while on stage in the band that went on hiatus in 2015. Tomlinson, like the rest of the band members, has gone on to make his own music after One Direction. But he admitted that if he could, he would be this other One Direction member.

Louis Tomlinson took on a leadership role in One Direction

Tomlinson looked back on his experience in One Direction in an interview with AOL Build.

“The experience that we went through was unique,” the singer said about the group. “The only people who can relate to that is each of us. I think we’ll always have that love and respect for each other.”

Tomlinson continued: “I think going into the band, I was the oldest. Even if the boys thought it or not, I always felt a little bit of responsibility on that level.”

He explained that any of the boys could come to him for advice if they ever need it.

“I’ve always been pretty approachable for Liam, or any of the boys to be honest if they need to chat or whatever,” he said.

Tomlinson also described that if he could be any celebrity in the world, he would be this person from One Direction.

Louis Tomlinson said he would be Niall Horan from One Direction

Tomlinson joked that he would “definitely” be Niall Horan if he could. “It sounds so stress-free,” he said. “I once seen some fans talking online saying, ‘It’s easy to be a Niall fan, innit?’”

The star agreed with the fans: “It is! No drama, lovely lad. Never gets himself in trouble. Yeah, it’s easy, it’s a good life.”

While that may be Tomlinson’s perspective of being Horan, Tomlinson’s own fans still love him fiercely nonetheless.

The star easily and routinely trends on Twitter thanks to his passionate and devoted fan base. They even self-released his song “Defenceless” as a single, getting the song to trend on the social media website.

Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan’s relationship after One Direction

Tomlinson and Horan have shown each other support through the years following One Direction’s hiatus. The pair played on opposing teams at charity soccer match Soccer Aid on May 6, 2016. Even though they weren’t on the same team, the two were seen joking together on the field and having plenty of fun.

Upon Tomlinson’s album release for Walls, Horan sent out an endearing message to his fellow former bandmate.

Horan tweeted: “Let’s get Tommo right up the charts. This album is quality and deserves to be up there.”

Tomlinson, a few months later, gave Horan’s sophomore album Heartbreak Weather his seal of approval on March 17, 2020, after the album’s release. He wished Horan congratulations on the work. Horan replied: “Love ya bud, thank you!!!”

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