Lili Reinhart Explains Why She Doesn’t Make Her Life Look Perfect on Instagram

Lili Reinhart doesn’t want fans to think she has a perfect life.

The 23-year-old Riverdale actress opened up about why she chooses what she shares on Instagram and being candid about her flaws.

“The idea of Instagram is to project your best self. I have always approached social media in the way that I don’t want to show the perfect version of myself because I could never live up to that in real life. That’s just not who I am,” Lili said on Miley CyrusBright Minded (via J-14).

She continued, “It’s such a hard standard to set for yourself. I genuinely think Instagram should be a way to express creativity. But when it comes to your body you’re just hurting yourself and the people that are looking at Instagram thinking that’s a body they can have, when you’re altering it yourself. Skinny women are shrinking their waists more. People look at themselves poorly. If an already skinny person makes their waist smaller, it’s frustrating.”

This isn’t the first time Lili has spoken out against photo editing apps. Hear what else she had to say!

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