Lauren Goodger pregnant! Surprise second baby, gender reveal – and how ex Charles Drury reacted

Just six months ago Lauren Goodger exclusively introduced her daughter Larose to OK! readers, following her dramatic home birth. And the former TOWIE star is just as delighted to reveal some more exciting news– she’s 16 weeks pregnant with her second daughter!

Under no illusions this will come as a shock to some, as it means she’ll have two children under the age of one, Lauren tells us that this pregnancy is unexpected, but exciting. Here, exclusively for OK! VIPs, Lauren poses with her daughter at home and opens up about the surprising development, her 'hurt' over Charles' fling with another woman and why being a single mum "doesn't scare" her.

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While it’s great to see Lauren, 35, who is due in July, thrilled she’s adding to the family she’s always longed for, the last few months haven’t been without hardship for her.

In November she split up with boyfriend Charles Drury – who is the father of both children – before they rekindled their relationship three weeks later. Amid this separation, Larose was rushed to hospital with a flu-like illness, something that Lauren described to us as “awful”, adding that it “really scared” her.

Days before the photoshoot, we receive a call to say Charles, 24, will no longer be involved and the couple have split once again. The builder later admitted to having sex with another woman, Amy Gilbert, while he and Lauren were broken up. “Being stupid, things obviously happened,” he said of his fling.

But Lauren is determined to look on the bright side. Here she sits down to reveal all about having her second child, why she thought this baby was a boy and how she is growing close to her mum Cheryl despite their turbulent relationship…

Hi Lauren! Congrats! How did you find out you were pregnant?

I hadn’t had a period for quite a few weeks, my nipples were killing me and when I was breastfeeding the pain was unbearable. I thought, “I bet you I’m pregnant!” I did a test and it said positive.

Was this pregnancy planned?

We weren’t very careful and Charlie was really pleased, but being honest I was really in two minds about it. I was like, “I’m just getting myself back together – I’m going back to square one. Is this fair?” You get real mum guilt, like, “What about Larose? She’s still a baby, she still needs me, I won’t be able to be there for her.” A lot went through my mind which is why I’ve held out a bit longer until I’ve announced it. Charlie was like, “I really want this baby.” And I said, “So do I.” I made the decision to go ahead with it and I’m so glad I did.

So, it was in your mind whether to keep the baby or not…

Yeah, of course. At the beginning, I was like, “What am I going to do?” Everyone had an opinion and people close to me said, “Lauren, you can’t do it.” But I stuck to my guns and said, “No, I’ve made a decision and I’m going to go ahead.” Charlie really wanted the baby.

We had that little break [in November] and he came back and was like, “You’re not having a termination – I want this family.” I knew deep down I was going to go ahead with it, but I was scared. I’ve got to think of Larose too. But if I had a big gap between children, I’d get myself sorted, Larose in a good routine and then I’m back to square one. I might as well do it now when I’m in new baby mode.

So, when Larose was in hospital with a virus, you were pregnant with this baby?

I was eight weeks pregnant. It was the hardest thing ever! I don’t know how I’ve gone through everything I’ve gone through. But I got through it and I’m in my second trimester now. I might not be able to have a home birth again. I don’t think I can scream the house down while Larose is here – it’ll be traumatic for her. I’m going to have a natural birth again. My mum’s been staying, so she can look after her.


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How are you feeling?

It’s hard because early pregnancy is really tough. I’ve felt very sick and exhausted. I just keep going. The first time round I could get into bed if I felt a bit sick, so the second one is different.

It must be full-on having Larose at the same time…

I’m constantly on the go – up at 7am doing the bottle, prepping breakfast. I don’t get a minute. I’m absolutely exhausted! What is sleep? That is just a luxury. My life is non-existent, it’s all babies.

You could potentially have two children under the age of one!

It’s absolute madness, but I wouldn’t do it any other way, would I? It’s like having twins – although it’s probably easier with twins because the girls will be at different stages. It’s going to be really tough, but I’m going to do it and I’m going to feel really rewarded after and have some beautiful gifts I’d never regret.

Is Charles excited?

He really wanted this baby. He’s 100% in and even now he’s like “my girls”. He idolises them and that’s definitely not an issue with him. I’m really confident with that and he’d say the same.

We have to talk about Charles. He’s admitted to a fling with another girl and he’s not on the shoot today. What’s the latest?

Last week I was like, “This isn’t happening right now.” It’s a really funny stage – we’re doing our own thing. It’s been a rocky time and it’s been really hard for me. But I’ve got to focus on the pregnancy and the baby. I’m a very hands-on mum, it’s all on me, so it doesn’t feel much different. I’m here on my own with my mum and my baby. Charlie’s really hurt me so I don’t know what the future holds. At the minute it’s all up in the air. We need to get a co-parenting schedule together.

So you will continue to co-parent your daughters?

Exactly! No matter what happens he’ll always be in their life. We’ve got a lot to sort out because I don’t know if we’ll make set days or what. What we’re doing now is different to what I’ve done before because last time we broke up we’d talk or see each other. Every day he was coming round, which I don’t think is fair, so this is a learning game. I’m being strong and getting on with it. I’m excited about having another baby and if I’m a single mum then great. I’ll raise two kids on my own and it’ll be rewarding.

You seem to be handling things really well…

When kids are involved it’s a whole different ball game. You’ve got to be mature about it and you’ve just got to carry on. I don’t get time to stress about it, I just have to make sure Larose is alright and it doesn’t disrupt her. She’s six months now, she’s on solids, she’s more active, she rolls over and wants to sit up. I focus on her and I don’t want to stress myself out because I’m pregnant.

Has it been a hard time between you and Charles?

Not really… It’s so weird. I just need to focus on me, the pregnancy and the baby and I can’t have anything around
me that doesn’t feel right.

Does this feel like more of a final break-up this time?

Not really. It’s weird – men are weird! I don’t know what the problem is, but I have more self-respect, because if you’re not treating me how I should be treated, then you’re not here. Who knows what’s going to happen next week, next month. But I just know you can’t come and go when children are involved.

And despite all of this, do you still love Charles?

He’s the father of my children, that love will never go. And he will always be in my life and her life, but it happens to so many people. Who knows what the future holds. I’m excited about it, I’m not scared.

Was it hard finding out about his fling with another girl? Was that the reason for the split?

I already knew about it. There’s more stuff which I don’t want to talk about. Charlie has admitted that it was a mistake. It was during the break in November, but obviously it still hurts. He came back to me after and wanted us to be a family. I don’t know why she has sold a story two months later. She already knew I knew. You don’t get involved with a guy who has just had a baby with another woman, let alone sell a story when children are involved. Also, her story doesn’t make sense to me. As far as I am aware, Charlie was staying at my nephew’s dad’s house the whole time we were on a break. He doesn’t have a flat in east London. To be honest with you, I was going to pull out of today after I found out about the story. This was meant to be me and Charlie doing a lovely pregnancy and gender reveal. It’s been ruined, but I didn’t want to let the team down.

We’ve been told you’ve thrown him out. Has he moved out now?

Yes. That’s enough about that situation. Let’s talk about the baby.

Does your family know about the baby?

Everyone knows on both sides of the family. They all thought I was absolutely mental, but they’re all really happy. I’ve always wanted kids and now I’ve got two. I’ve been pregnant for a year! I just worry about Larose, because
I don’t want her to feel disrupted.

A lot of mums feel like that when they have their second. How’s your anxiety this time?

I’ve had none at all! I had it when I was pregnant last time, but I haven’t had it this time – I don’t have time to have anxiety. I feel a bit more vulnerable and emotional, but happy.

What were the scans like?

I had the hospital scan in December and that was a shock because it was actually a baby. I felt connected. With Larose I had loads of private ones, but with the second one you trust your body. I take vitamins and I’m healthy, but I’ve had three scans [including the private gender scan]. I really thought it was a boy because of how I’m carrying and the bone structure on the first scan – it just looked like Charlie.

What was your reaction when you found out it was a girl?

I was like, “Oh my God – she’s going to have a little sister.” They’ll be really close and she’ll have all her old stuff. But I would have been happy with either.

Have you noticed a difference in your bump this time?

It’s a smaller bump. It popped out straight away when I had Larose and that’s why I thought this baby was a boy, because I’ve heard you carry smaller with boys.

What do you think people’s reactions will be?

Is she joking? [Laughs] No, they’ll probably think I’m mental, but some people will be like, “It’s really sweet.” The only thing is it’s hard if I’m on my own. But I think single mums will relate to me. I didn’t go through pregnancy on my own with Larose – Charlie and I were very much together at that point. This time it’s a whole different thing I’m going through. I’ve got a six-month-old and I’m doing this pregnancy by myself. I know he has been here, but he went the other month and he’s not here again, so it’s very up and down emotionally. I think people will be really happy for me.

How do you feel about doing it by yourself this time?

To be honest, when you have a baby it’s all on the mum anyway. Charlie goes to work during the day, so I’m sort of in my own role. It doesn’t scare me. My relationship with my mum has been very up-and-down and it’s nice she’s here now and bonding with Larose. Larose loves her. When the new baby comes, I’ll need an extra pair of hands.

It’s nice you’ve sorted things out with your mum…

We never had a fall-out, we just drift in and out sometimes. She said she wants to help me and wants to move into the annex, so we’ll see.

Who’s been your rock?

No one – me, really. My mum’s here now, but I’ve done a lot of it on my own. I’m not saying it’s been easy because
it hasn’t. A lot’s gone off, but I get through it. Larose is the thing that keeps me mentally strong. She makes me happy.

How is Larose doing?

Lovely. She’s active, she’s on solids, she’s really happy and laughs a lot. She’s my little bundle of joy and I love her so much.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Things change every six months with me. I just feel I’ll have my cute little family, my babies and I might have more – who knows!

Would you be open to having more children?

I would. I’d still like to have a boy one day. As much as things are difficult, I’m excited now.

Do you see a future with Charles in it?

He’ll always be in it regardless because he’s their dad and he really wants to be involved.

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