Kate Upton: Having a puppy might be harder than having a newborn


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Kate Upton has a new wellness brand out called Found Active. She called in The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon to promote it. Kate and husband Justin Verlander have a two-year old daughter, Genevieve, but they’ve just added a new puppy to their family named Norman. As far as I know, Norman does not have his own Instagram yet, like his brother Harley. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time, though. Jimmy asked about Norman and how it was going. Kate said he was adorable, which was good, because she thinks having with a puppy might be harder than having a baby.

On her new puppy Norman: Norman is so cute. But I did forget how hard it is to have a puppy. Arguably, it might be harder than having a newborn. Because you can put a diaper on (a baby). And also, people care. They’re like, “Oh, no, you’re probably so tired, you have a newborn child.” But with Norman people are like, “Oh, you have a puppy. That’s cute. Okay, anyway, let’s move it along.” And I’m like, “No, I’m exhausted.” And he pees everywhere.

On Genevieve and Norman’s relationship: She loves Norman, but also, she’s kind of a mean girl to Norman. Because they’re kind of the same age in a weird way. He keeps wanting to play with her and her toys, and she’s just like, “No, don’t hang out with me. You’re not cool enough.”

On Justin as a dad: He’s the best dad. He’s always so involved. He’s just not the best dog dad. He has helped almost zero with Norman, but he took almost every night shift with Vivi. So, I still am a little bitter about that.

Genevieve thinks her father, Astro pitcher Justin, is a golfer: (Justin’s) been showing her a lot of highlight films. And I’m not sure if he’s showing her highlight films because he’s not playing right now or if it’s because I think she thinks he’s actually a golfer. She’s seen him golf more than she’s seen him play baseball. When we were watching the Masters the other day, she was like, “Daddy! Daddy!” I was like, “No, that’s not what he does. He’s not that good.”

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I got a puppy when I was pregnant with my first child and I always felt it was the best practice I could have had for my baby. I never considered the part about people being so much more forgiving about parents to a newborn, though. It’s true, a puppy will keep you up all night and I swear they require more of your energy but because they are so cute, you don’t mind giving it to them until you are absolutely wiped out. I had the ‘dog dad’ issues, too. Somehow, my husband conveniently always had something else happening when the dog threw up but was great about picking up his share of kid duties. But when it came to playing with the puppy or cuddle time he had all the time in the world. The only thing Kate said that I question is I doubt Genevieve is mean-girling Norman as much as protecting her toys. Puppies aren’t great about returning them in the condition they took them.

Kate and Jimmy looked back on her modeling career in the interview as well. She’s coming up on 15 years in the industry. Wow. She was fun in this interview. She seems to have mellowed as a new mom. Good for her. I hope that’s been across the board.


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