Joshua Bassett Says Olivia Rodrigo Almost Didn’t Release ‘All I Want’

Joshua Bassett had to convince Olivia Rodrigo to release “All I Want!”

The 19-year-old HSMTMTS star says that he was one of the first people Olivia showed the song to and revealed how she originally felt about the song.

“I was one of the first people to hear it. She showed her mom and then she showed me. And I remember her saying something like, ‘It’s terrible! I’m going to start from scratch!’ And I was like, ‘What are you talking about? This is perfect! This is incredible!’ I was blown away,” Joshua said on Build Series.

He continued, “And of course, it’s like the number one song of the show and a massive hit! And I’m like, ‘Of course it’s a massive hit. I knew that from the time you played it.’ I can’t imagine a world where she was like, ‘Eh I’m going to start from scratch.’”

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