Jonathan Majors Accuser Grace Jabbari Says He Flipped Out Over Ex's Dog

Jonathan Majors

Jonathan Majors once lost his cool when his accuser Grace Jabbari mentioned her ex-boyfriend’s dog — at least according to her testimony in Major’s assault trial.

Jabbari — who flew in from London to take the stand in an NYC courtroom — spoke to the jury under oath Tuesday, and described how she first met him, how they got involved, and at what point he allegedly started to show aggression around her.

Grace Jabbari

Remember, prosecutors told jurors Monday during opening statements that what allegedly happened between them in March was actually just the boiling point of what they claim had become a controlling and abusive relationship … something Jabbari testified to on the stand.

Jabbari said she met Majors on the set of ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ — where she was hired as a movement coach — and explained that their relationship got serious quickly. However, at one point in December 2021 … she testified she saw the first flashes of anger from him when she claims he flipped his lid after she brought up her ex’s pooch.

Jabbari says she was actually meeting Majors’ own dogs at the time, and he was giving her instructions on how to behave around them — to which she replied that she was already familiar with dogs on account of her ex-boyfriend, who had one. That’s when she alleges JM lost his cool and started to raise his voice at her … apparently angry she’d brought it up.

In court, she’s quoted as saying … “How dare I mention him” and “It’s embarrassing to him that I dated him. His dog is pathetic. That kind of stuff.” She also said this was the first time she ever became afraid of him … and she testified things only got worse from there.

Jonathan Majors

Jabbari went on to describe other alleged instances where Majors lost his temper — testifying he once threw a candle in her direction and dented her wall … and that he allegedly once knocked her headphones off her head, among other alleged moments of berating.

She also stopped and cried a lot during her testimony. At this point, it doesn’t sound like she’s gotten around to describing the alleged assault in question — although prosecutors already alluded to it Monday, when they alleged he threw her around like a rag doll in the car after she saw a text from what she thought was a woman … something he’s denied.

Grace Jabbari

Meagan Good was back in court looking on as Majors sat at the defendant’s table during Jabbari’s testimony. He reportedly did not look at Jabbari while she was on the stand.

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