Jon Bon Jovi believes 17-year-old son contracted coronavirus

Jon Bon Jovi strongly suspects his son Jacob contracted a “mild version” of coronavirus, though the 17-year-old has yet to be tested.

The 58-year-old musician recently opened up about self-quarantining with his brood during the coronavirus outbreak, revealing that he believes his teenage son had a form of COVID-19.

“The whole family is together, all the kids are here with us,” the pop star told ET, referring to him and his wife, Dorothea. “We’ve been here 15 days now, not that I’m counting. Everyone here, Jake had a mild version of it just the intestinal kind.”

Jacob was then quarantined away from the rest of the family, including Jon, Dorothea and siblings Stephanie, 26, Jesse, 25 and Romeo, 15. After a visit to a private doctor, the artist says his third born is feeling much better.

“Dorothea created the quarantine zone, you know, with the laundry room being triaged and no one could go in there unless they had gloves and a mask and she had a bathrobe on backwards and different slippers,” he shares. “But we kept him in there until all of the symptoms had cleared and now he’s a hundred percent.”

Jacob was never tested because it was “pretty difficult to get one.”

Jon went on to explain, “It stemmed from some of the young guys that we had taken in here that also tested, they were tested and tested positive and had the main symptoms but they had left, and so we just followed those same protocols.”

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